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A tiny but vital creature is struggling to survive in S.F. Bay

San Francisco Chronicle

An inhabitant of the San Francisco Bay estuary is very close to getting federal protection after decades of advocacy from environmentalists, who say the tiny fish is vital to the ecosystem. Called...

San Francisco Bay-Delta population of longfin smelt inches toward federal protection

Courthouse News

The San Francisco Bay-Delta population of the little longfin smelt may finally get federal protection as an endangered species after almost 30 years of petitioning and legal wrangling between...

Like a real-life horror show, San Francisco Bay algal bloom is expected to return

San Francisco Examiner

The largest algal bloom to threaten San Francisco Bay in recent memory has finally receded, but the creature that triggered it still lurks in the bay’s blue waters, waiting for the right conditions...

San Francisco Bay’s huge algae bloom is over. But experts are worried about more mass fish kills in the future

San Francisco Chronicle

Two months after the worst algae bloom in decades began spreading through the San Francisco Bay, eventually killing an untold number of fish, ecologists and water officials are still trying to...

San Francisco Baykeeper claims the district is causing creek and river temperatures to rise and flow levels to be too low

Palo Alto Online

Bay Area environmental watchdog San Francisco Baykeeper filed suit on Tuesday against the Santa Clara Valley Water District for allegedly violating the California Constitution and the Fish and Game...

Environmental watchdog sues Santa Clara Valley Water District over alleged violations

CBS Bay Area

SAN JOSE (BCN/CBS SF) -- Bay Area environmental watchdog San Francisco Baykeeper filed suit on Tuesday against the Santa Clara Valley Water District for allegedly violating the state Constitution and...

Improvements eyed for San Francisco Bay in wake of algae bloom


"You know, there is a unique opportunity now where the federal government and state governments have resources and are recognizing the decrepit state of our infrastructure, including our wastewater...

Toxic algae bloom killing fish around San Francisco Bay area

Fox Weather

Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore around the San Francisco Bay, including Oakland's Lake Merritt, amid a massive algae bloom that's spreading and killing. Scientist at San Franciso Baykeeper...

California’s algae bloom is like a ‘wildfire in the water’

High Country News

Lake Merritt, in the center of Oakland, California, is a tidal estuary connected to the Pacific Ocean. It usually teems with life, both human and marine. In early September, its 3-mile shoreline was...

Why Are Dead Fish Piling Up Across The San Francisco Bay?

Science Friday

Local science stories of national significance: You may have seen photos of what's happening in the Bay Area around San Francisco. Thousands of dead fish are washing ahore. What in the world is...

Thousands of dead fish are covering Bay Area beaches after red tide hits region


Thousands of dead fish are washing up on the shores of the San Francisco Bay area. Scientists say the red tide causing the fish kill is likely driven by climate change and human wastewater runoff.

The Bay Area’s algal blooms are wreaking havoc for fish

Pacific Sun

The Bay Area is experiencing a harmful red tide, which peaked in August, yet still lingers in September. The tell-tale signs are tea-colored water, foul odors and dead fish. Check, check and check...


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