Our Team

Meet Our Staff

Baykeeper staff members are experts in scientific investigations, clean water law, policy advocacy, and defending the Bay.

Sejal Choksi-Chugh
Sejal Choksi-Chugh
Executive Director and Baykeeper
Eric Buescher headshot
Eric Buescher
Managing Attorney
Nicole Sasaki headshot
Nicole Sasaki
Staff Attorney
Ben Eichenberg
Staff Attorney
Jon Rosenfield headshot
Jon Rosenfield, PhD
Senior Scientist
Ian Wren headshot
Ian Wren
Staff Scientist
Aundi Mevoli headshot
Aundi Mevoli
Field Investigator and Policy Advocate
Julia Dowell headshot
Julia Dowell
Field Investigator and Community Advocate
Eliet Henderson headshot
Eliet Henderson
Development Director
Akilah Shaheed headshot
Akilah Shaheed
Development Coordinator
Kirsten Anderson headshot
Kirsten Anderson
Finance and Administration Advisor
Amy Donovan
Finance Director
Mark Westlund headshot
Mark Westlund
Communications Director
Fiona Baker headshot
Fiona Baker
Communications Manager
Eric Hoover headshot
Eric Hoover
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