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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Big Coal's Days in the Bay Are Numbered

The Richmond City Council just signed an agreement that will keep coal out of the city permanently—a move that Baykeeper has fought for long and hard. We worked with partners and local activists in...

Richmond City Council and Levin Terminal Reach Agreement to Phase Out Coal and Petcoke by 2026

Settlement establishes end date for scourge of coal and petcoke dust, and will include interim health protections for Richmond residents for the next five years Richmond, CA—Today, the Richmond...

The Last Oil Spill?

Yet another oil spill is blackening our state's beautiful coastline—this time in Southern California—a reminder of the destructiveness and toxicity of fossil fuels. News images of marred shorelines,...

Public Tips Lead to Catching Fossil Fuel Polluter in the Act

Baykeeper Notifies Benicia Petcoke Polluter of Intent to Sue   Oakland, CA—San Francisco Baykeeper yesterday served a notice of intent to sue Amports, the owner of the Port of Benicia,...

Governor Newsom, It's Nuts Not to Prepare for Drought

Governor Newsom is giving water handouts to California’s industrial agriculture at the expense of a healthy San Francisco Bay and the people who depend on it. What's worse, he's using bad science...

100 Groups Demand Biden Cut Airplane Climate Pollution

 Coalition Blasts EPA Delays on Replacing Do-Nothing Trump Rule WASHINGTON— One hundred environmental, community and public-health groups called on the Biden administration today to...

Holding Polluters Accountable

Polluters don’t like getting caught. They get defensive—even when our field team catches them red-handed with photos and water sampling results demonstrating serious pollution violations. After we...

Dangerous Trump Water Rule Tossed: Good News for San Francisco Bay

Oakland, CA—A federal judge Monday threw out a major Trump administration rule that scaled back federal protections for streams, marshes, and wetlands across the United States. Trump's rule would...

Dear Water Board: Friendly Reminder That Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In the past year, nonprofits, corporations, and government agencies have gone to great lengths to make public statements and claim racial equity credentials. These efforts are laudable… and to be...

The Delta Is Going Green—in a Bad Way

Toxic algal blooms—which can make people sick and kill pets—are spreading fast in the Delta. Our patrol drone, Osprey, recently captured the footage above of the Stockton Marina (above), where...

"The Last Drop" Documentary, Featuring Baykeeper Scientist Jon Rosenfield

In this documentary, actor Adrian Grenier and National Geographic Explorer Shannon Switzer Swanson explore the growing problem of water scarcity in the US—including right here in the Bay Area. In...

Do Fireworks Pollute the Bay?

Fireworks can cause significant pollution. They are often set off over water, because setting them off over land creates a risk of fire. (Some communities ban them over lakes used as drinking water...


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