Photo: Robert McKinney
Photo: Peter Thoeny

Strengthening Laws

Baykeeper strengthens laws and policies to defend the Bay

The laws and policies that protect San Francisco Bay aren’t strong enough. Powerful polluters lobby to weaken regulations — and government agencies often don’t have the resources or political will to enforce existing laws.

Baykeeper uses scientific and legal expertise to stand up against dirty polluters that try to exploit and weaken critical safeguards. We advocate for government agencies to adopt stronger, enforceable policies that will create real protections for the Bay.

Baykeeper Notifies Santa Clara Valley Water of Intent to Sue

Agency Violated Public Trust by Mismanaging Water Flows   OAKLAND—SF Baykeeper served Santa Clara Valley Water District yesterday afternoon with notice of Baykeeper’s intent to sue the...

Too Close to Home

I had planned to send this note earlier this month after the Supreme Court issued a series of devastating decisions. But I got delayed by a mother-daughter trip to Chicago to celebrate the 4th of...

Defining Unimpaired Flows

Estuary News

For the second time in four years, a proposal for a voluntary agreement between agencies and water contractors on flows into and through the Delta from the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers and their...

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