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Photo: Peter Thoeny

Strengthening Laws

Baykeeper strengthens laws and policies to defend the Bay

The laws and policies that protect San Francisco Bay aren’t strong enough. Powerful polluters lobby to weaken regulations — and government agencies often don’t have the resources or political will to enforce existing laws.

Baykeeper uses scientific and legal expertise to stand up against dirty polluters that try to exploit and weaken critical safeguards. We advocate for government agencies to adopt stronger, enforceable policies that will create real protections for the Bay.

State Water Board adopts initial biological goals for the Lower San Joaquin River

Maven's Notebook

At the September 6 State Water Resources Control Board meeting, Board members took another step forward in the long-running effort to update the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan (or Bay-Delta...

Virtually Impossible

This July has registered as the hottest month on Earth, ever. That statistic has appeared in the news a lot lately. It gives me chills every time I hear it, which is somewhat ironic given the...

"Cars just don't belong in our waters": Vehicle removals from Sacramento River raises concerns

CBS News Sacramento

The Sacramento River on Wednesday served as the site of a multi-agency operation involving dive teams pulling cars out of the water. According to authorities, there is no reason to believe anyone...

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