Does Gov. Newsom Have a Death Wish for SF Bay?
The Delta at sunset by John Chacon, DWR

Does Gov. Newsom Have a Death Wish for SF Bay?

Does Governor Newsom have a death wish for San Francisco Bay? It certainly looks that way.

The Bay needs fresh river water to stay healthy. It's an estuary, so it needs a mix of both fresh and salt water to sustain its unique biological diversity. But historically, bad water management practices prevail. Federal and state agencies regularly divert more than half of the fresh water that would flow into San Francisco Bay to Southern California, Big Ag, and other interests.

Now, Governor Newsom's Delta tunnel proposal will divert even more water, taking far too much fresh water from the Bay and Delta. If the tunnel plan advances, it will have significant negative effects on fish and wildlife populations that are already struggling to survive.

Newsom's tunnel plan also violates state law. The Delta Reform Act requires the state to reduce its reliance on the Delta for future water supplies, and to "protect, restore, and enhance the Delta ecosystem." The tunnel would instead increase dependency on the Delta and harm the environment.

Newsom's plan is currently out for public review, and Baykeeper and our allies will oppose it every step of the way. In the coming year, the state's water board will need to approve the governor's misguided plan. That's where we need to apply pressure.

Please help us tell the water board that taking more water from San Francisco Bay is a bad idea. We need the board to make sure that more water makes its way from the tributary rivers into the Bay so our fish and wildlife can be healthy and thrive.

Tell the Water Board that taking more water from the Bay is a bad idea!

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