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The voices of our allies, supporters, and volunteers is key to our success.

Looking for ways to speak out and act in defense of San Francisco Bay? Below are our latest advocacy sign-ons and actions you can take for a healthier Bay. 

You can also check out our volunteer opportunities and the steps you can take at home and in your neighborhood to protect the Bay. 

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Actions for the Bay
Act Now: Don't Let Algae Blooms Become Our "New Normal"

A massive red tide and thousands of dead fish washing up across shorelines have cast light on a threat to the Bay that’s usually invisible: nutrient pollution.  While nutrients sound like a...

Does Gov. Newsom Have a Death Wish for SF Bay?

Does Governor Newsom have a death wish for San Francisco Bay? It certainly looks that way. The Bay needs fresh river water to stay healthy. It's an estuary, so it needs a mix of both fresh and...

Stop the Oakland Coal Terminal

Why did four counties in Utah approve a $50 million investment to send to Bay Area developers? Because they’re planning to build a massive coal export terminal in Oakland, right at the foot of the...

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Baykeeper uses science, on-the-water patrols, and the law to hold polluters accountable. Use the form below to sign up for updates about water quality issues across the Bay Area, Baykeeper's legal...

Clean up the Bay's Toxic Sites

There are thousands of toxic sites across California—and many of them pose a direct threat to public health and the environment. More than a thousand of those toxic hotspots are right here along the...

Restore the San Joaquin River and Its Salmon

Last month, hundreds of Baykeeper supporters urged the Bureau of Reclamation to renegotiate unsustainable water contracts that have allowed private interests to drain the San Joaquin River dry,...

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