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Stopping Polluters

Baykeeper defends the Bay and holds polluters accountable

The health of San Francisco Bay and the people who live near it is constantly threatened by polluting activities. All around the Bay, polluters dump toxic metals, oil and coal, industrial chemicals, trash, and raw sewage into the water.

Baykeeper holds polluters accountable by enforcing the Clean Water Act and other laws that protect the Bay and its people. We require polluters to comply with the law, and we make sure they fix their pollution problems to stop harming the Bay.

County contractor with Chevron ties has yet to investigate refinery’s 2021 diesel leak

Richmond Confidential

Fifteen months after about 800 gallons of diesel spilled into San Francisco Bay from a leaking pipe at the Richmond Chevron Refinery, the public is still waiting for a promised investigation by...

And the Award Goes to...

Protecting the health of San Francisco Bay is a team effort. That's why it's a special treat for us every spring to recognize Baykeeper’s Blue Rivet award winners. It's our opportunity to celebrate...

Billionaires or Big Oil: No One Is Above the Law

Northern Californians are likely familiar with the legal battle to protect public access to Martin’s Beach on the San Mateo coast, where a billionaire landowner tried to close off this beloved...

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