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Stopping Polluters

Baykeeper defends the Bay and holds polluters accountable

The health of San Francisco Bay and the people who live near it is constantly threatened by polluting activities. All around the Bay, polluters dump toxic metals, oil and coal, industrial chemicals, trash, and raw sewage into the water.

Baykeeper holds polluters accountable by enforcing the Clean Water Act and other laws that protect the Bay and its people. We require polluters to comply with the law, and we make sure they fix their pollution problems to stop harming the Bay.

Bringing a Repeat Polluter to Justice

In a recent roundup of industrial polluters around the Bay, our pollution monitoring team encountered a familiar name: Granite Rock. Granite Rock is a mining and construction company with several...

East Bay MUD to pay $816,000 penalty for releasing 16 million gallons of partially treated sewage into San Francisco Bay

Mercury News

The heavy storms that soaked the Bay Area last October ended fire season and brought hopes — dashed during dry winter months later — that the state’s drought might be ending. But while millions...

A Rude Awakening -San Francisco Baykeeper & Author Donald Edward Davis


On today’s show, I speak to author and independent scholar Donald Edward Davis on his latest publication American Chestnut Tree: An Environmental History. We’ll switch gears and talk to San...

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