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California water debate


Farners and environmentalists debate over the water stored in California's reserviors. KCBS Radio's Raquel Maria Dillon has the latest on who's laying claim to California's water. ...

California’s precipitation paradox


Environmental groups on Monday asked state water regulators to rescind their controversial decision to weaken Delta flow rules to increase storage in California’s reservoirs. The...

Salmon season in jeopardy

Sonoma Index-Tribune

Early reports of drastically lower salmon spawning runs on the Sacramento and Klamath River systems last year could mean a shortened salmon fishing season for both commercial and recreational anglers...

Aviation Manufacturer to Clean Up Polluted Shoreline Under Deal

Bloomberg Law

The owners of a facility that manufactured parts for the aviation industry must clean up metal shavings that are contaminating an estuary in California, under a deal to settle a lawsuit brought by an...

Water board waives Delta rules that protect salmon


Angering environmentalists, the water board decided that cities and farmers would get more Delta water while restricting flows for endangered salmon and other fish. The move came after Gov. Gavin...

California water debate reignites following January's massive precipitation

CBS-13 Sacramento

If Gov. Gavin Newsom gets his way, he wants to use it to build up the state's water supply. But critics are saying not releasing water into rivers could further hurt the environment. The State Water...

Newsom wants to waive environmental rules in the delta amid drought worries

Los Angeles Times

As January’s drenching storms have given way to an unseasonably dry February, Gov. Gavin Newsom is seeking to waive environmental rules in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in an effort to store...

California Debates What To Do With Water From Recent Storms

Associated Press

Environmental group say pulling that much water out of the rivers would be a death sentence for the salmon and other threatened fish species that depend on strong, cool flows in the rivers to survive...

Can San Francisco save the bay?

San Francisco Examiner

The Board of Supervisors this week urged San Francisco’s water manager to rethink how it supplies and disposes of The City’s water after an unprecedented red tide overtook San Francisco Bay last...

Califórnia debate o que fazer com a água das recentes tempestades


Semanas depois que fortes tempestades despejaram 32 trilhões de galões de chuva e neve na Califórnia, autoridades estaduais e grupos ambientais no estado devastado pela seca estão lutando para saber...

Newsom suspends environmental laws to store more Delta water


Facing an onslaught of criticism that water was “wasted” during January storms, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday suspended environmental laws to give the go-ahead to state officials to hold more water in...

What recent atmospheric rivers reveal about Bay Area's aging wastewater systems

ABC 7 News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tens of millions of gallons of sewage and stormwater were released into San Francisco Bay from aging treatment plants and stormwater systems that were overwhelmed by the deluge...


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