A Selected Roundup of News Stories
Photo: Baykeeper

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Leopard shark spotted in Lake Merritt

KTVU Fox News

A leopard shark was spotted in Lake Merritt Monday evening, a viewer-submitted photo shows. Although rare, it is not uncommon for leopard sharks and other marine life to make their way from the...

Winter storms test East Bay’s leaky sewage lines


“Even if EBMUD and the satellites continue to stick with their [pipe testing and repair] plan, they will still not be able to handle the more extreme weather events in our future. We will continue to...

Kayaker caught a Skates-on-the-Bay sewage leak into bay waters


A kayaker paddling along the Berkeley Marina noticed something concerning recently, and rather gross. Raw sewage appeared to be dripping into the San Francisco Bay from under Skates on the Bay...

‘Big Melt’ flood concerns persist across California

San Jose Mercury

Even as the spring heat wave that’s thawed California’s record Sierra Nevada snowpack comes to a close, communities across the Central Valley and the state’s northeastern mountains are continuing to...

Report on Bay Oil Pollution

KQED Newsroom

A recent report from the Environmental Integrity Project found that 81 refineries in the U.S. discharged concerning amounts of pollutants into our waterways, including some right here in the Bay...

A Rude Awakening with Sejal Choksi-Chugh


A conversation with Michael Furniss and Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Executive Director and SF Baykeeper 

Climate Fix: How California Can Help Salmon Survive Severe Weather...And Other Existential Threats

KQED Forum

Salmon need cold water to hatch and grow strong enough to embark on migrations that stretch hundreds of miles from their places of birth. In California, dams constructed along various rivers have...

EPA sued over outdated industrial wastewater standards

Courthouse News

 Environmental groups filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday over wastewater standards for seven different industries, including oil refineries and...

The Bay Area’s economy of mud: Dredging concerns threaten jobs, $100 billion in assets

Mercury News

At the Port of Oakland on a recent weekday, trucks, cranes and container-laden ships moved goods across the sprawling 1,300-acre complex with the precarious precision of a Rube Goldberg machine....

Voluntary Agreement Highlights Habitat Questions

Estuary News

Restoring marsh and wetland habitat can have significant benefits for dozens of species throughout the Bay and Delta—that’s beyond dispute. But when it comes to saving the Estuary’s most imperiled...

An ancient mound of shells has been mined in the San Francisco Bay for 100 years — but the oyster’s future is uncertain

East Bay Times

For years now, if a commuter were to glance to the north side of the San Mateo Bridge, they might see a lonely barge, painted with the words “Lind Marine,” floating a few hundred yards from the...

State water agency rescinds controversial Delta order that put fish at risk


As storms swell California’s reservoirs, state water officials have rescinded a controversial order that allowed more water storage in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta while putting salmon...


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