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Toxic Red Tide Kills ‘Uncountable’ Numbers of Fish in the Bay Area

New York Times

The fish, first reported dead along the San Mateo County shoreline last Tuesday, are most likely being asphyxiated as a result of the algae, said Jon Rosenfield, a senior scientist with San Francisco...

Officials Say Fatal SF Bay Algae Bloom Killing Fish Could Last for Weeks

NBC Bay Area

The red algae bloom in the San Francisco Bay killing hundreds, if not thousands, of fish since last week likely won't end for at least a couple weeks, as the warm weather gets hotter going...

A closer look at the deadly algal bloom

NBC Bay Area

NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai speaks with the executive director of San Francisco Baykeeper, a nonprofit keeping track of a deadly algal bloom in the San Francisco Bay.

Dead fish collect along the San Francisco Bay amid rare algae bloom


Thousands of fish are dying and washing ashore around Oakland's Lake Merritt and other parts of the San Francisco Bay. What's happening: Environmental groups believe the algae bloom...

Here's what this means: Thousands of dead fish wash ashore around Bay Area due to toxic algae


Baykeeper senior scientist Jon Rosenfield says nutrients released into the water from the 40 waste water treatment plants around the Bay Area are super charging the algae to reproduce in huge...

Thousands of fish killed by Lake Merritt algae bloom producing ‘pungent’ scent

San Francisco Chronicle

Thousands of dead fish are piling up around Lake Merritt in Oakland due to a harmful algae bloom impacting the San Francisco Bay. Topsmelt, bass and bat rays were among the dead fish that appeared...

Toxic algae bloom killing fish in San Francisco Bay

KRON4 News

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KRON) – An alarming number of fish have been seen floating belly up all around the bay, including the waters along the Peninsula. It’s all due to a harmful algae bloom spreading...

Dead fish are being found at Lake Merritt and throughout Bay Area


Experts say this algal bloom is happening because the bay is chronically enriched with excessive nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus that come from forty wastewater treatment plants around the bay...

Dead Fish Are Piling Up Across Shores of San Francisco Bay, Lake Merritt, as Algal Bloom Grows


Thousands of dead fish are piling up across the Bay Area. From the concrete outer edges of Oakland's Lake Merritt to the sandy beaches of San Francisco's Fort Funston, and the pebbled banks of...

Algae bloom in San Francisco Bay kills fish, threatens swimmers

San Francisco Chronicle

Alarmingly large numbers of fish have been sighted floating belly up all around San Francisco Bay, prompting environmental groups to suggest that people and their pets stay out of the water to avoid...

Environmental Group Reports ‘Unprecedented' Algae Bloom, Fish Dying Across SF Bay

NBC Bay Area

Environmental nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper is reporting that an algae bloom is happening across the San Francisco Bay, something they believe is unprecedented in the history of the bay....

‘We’re dwindling like the salmon’: the Indigenous nations fighting for water rights

The Guardian

“There couldn’t be a more glaring example of systemic racism than that water rights – the senior ones – could only be planted by white people,” said Jon Rosenfield, a senior scientist at San...


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