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Occasionally, you come across an article, a book, or a film with exceptional power to capture your imagination, influencing your ideas or life, or, at least, reminding you of a time when you, too,...

What Islais Creek tells us about rising sea levels in San Francisco

San Francisco Examiner

Islais Creek is an unassuming waterway along San Francisco’s eastern industrial shoreline, meandering its way inland and providing a natural border between The City’s Bayview and Dogpatch...

One reporter’s view on fish, farms, and the fight over the Delta’s water

Estuary News

As drought parches California, obliterates its snowpack, and reduces rivers to trickles, a familiar feud over water has resurfaced. Farmers want more of it to irrigate their crops, while fishermen...

Bay Fish Still Not Good Eating

Estuary News

After decades of efforts to clean up San Francisco Bay, its fish still carry a toxic load that makes them unfit for human consumption. A new Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) report on its 2019 sport...

Ninth Circuit Urged to Make Feds Change San Francisco Bay Dredging Plan

Courthouse News

A state’s power to regulate how the federal government maintains economically vital navigation channels is limited, a Justice Department lawyer told a Ninth Circuit panel Monday, and urged the court...

Final plan for water releases into Sacramento River could kill up to 88% of endangered salmon run

San Francisco Chronicle

The California water board has approved a plan for water releases into the Sacramento River that could kill off an entire run of endangered chinook salmon and put at risk another population that is...

‘Dire situation’: Silicon Valley cracks down on water use as California drought worsens

The Guardian

Santa Clara county, the home of Silicon Valley, issued mandatory water restrictions this week during a severe drought that has already reached historic levels. The move was championed by analysts...

Conservationists say time running out to save endangered salmon in Sacramento River

San Francisco Chronicle

As the extreme drought causes various agencies to squabble over dwindling water supplies, conservationists say the state is still not doing enough to prevent an endangered run of salmon from dying in...

Lake Shasta is facing its worst season in 44 years. Here's what that means for those who rely on it.

Record Searchlight

Lake Shasta this summer is facing possibly its lowest level in at least 44 years, and that could be bad news for the people who rely on it for drinking and irrigation water, as well as endangered...

Fears of a massive salmon die-off this summer in Sacramento River water conflict

San Francisco Chronicle

An entire run of endangered winter-run chinook salmon, as well as the fall-run salmon that make up the core of the California fishery, are in danger of being wiped out this year if the U.S. Bureau of...

Obscure Bay Area: Once a sign of military strength, the eerie Suisun ghost fleet has disappeared

SF Gate

There were once 340 warships. Standing proud on the water in Suisun Bay, ready to head out and protect the country in a time of national emergency. But there they sat, unmoved for decades, a...

What the Oakland A's Howard Terminal ballpark proposal means for taxpayers

San Francisco Chronicle

The Oakland A’s released a term sheet April 23 that details their financial plans to develop a new ballpark and mixed-use development along the city’s waterfront. But City Hall officials were...


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