A Selected Roundup of News Stories
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San Francisco cuts deal with California water regulators to avoid severe restrictions

San Francisco Chronicle

Three of California’s biggest water suppliers, including the city of San Francisco, have reached a deal with the state that calls for reducing their immense consumption of river water but not as much...

Nuts for Water

Chretianne Isabelle Gomez

A voyage story about the Bay Area's agricultural sectors that watch their greediness impact the world around them.

Community Coalition Says ‘No’ to Coal Money in Oakland Mayor’s Race

Oakland Post

No Coal in Oakland, a grassroots coalition of community, faith, and environmental justice groups are denouncing an attempt by coal terminal developers to influence the Oakland mayor’s race with over...

Oakland’s election is heating up: Big spending by PACs, strategic alliances, and tweet backlash


Environmentalist and West Oakland community groups are alarmed by the coal terminal developers’ spending. Youth vs. Apocalypse, No Coal in Oakland, SF Baykeeper, Sierra Club, and SEIU Local 1021 plan...

Environmental groups push for increased river flow in wake of Delta algal bloom

ABC 7 News

The destructive algal bloom that struck San Francisco Bay this summer has researchers looking at both causes and solutions. But now, several environmental groups are demanding action on a similar...

South Bay Fish Fight

Estuary News

Two decades after the South Bay’s main water supplier agreed to restore aquatic habitat in the streams that flow from its reservoirs, fish in the region remain in dire straits, and local river...

Federal Wildlife Service Recommends Greater Protection For Bay-Delta Longfin Smelt

Bay City News

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing San Francisco Bay's longfin smelt as an endangered species last week. The proposal to give additional protection to the Bay-Delta longfin smelt was...

Protection sought for formerly abundant fish in San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Examiner

[The longfin smelt's] decline has been attributed to construction and water diversion, which have slashed freshwater flow into the bay by roughly 53 percent — and by more than 70 percent in the...

A tiny but vital creature is struggling to survive in S.F. Bay

San Francisco Chronicle

An inhabitant of the San Francisco Bay estuary is very close to getting federal protection after decades of advocacy from environmentalists, who say the tiny fish is vital to the ecosystem. Called...

San Francisco Bay-Delta population of longfin smelt inches toward federal protection

Courthouse News

The San Francisco Bay-Delta population of the little longfin smelt may finally get federal protection as an endangered species after almost 30 years of petitioning and legal wrangling between...

Like a real-life horror show, San Francisco Bay algal bloom is expected to return

San Francisco Examiner

The largest algal bloom to threaten San Francisco Bay in recent memory has finally receded, but the creature that triggered it still lurks in the bay’s blue waters, waiting for the right conditions...

San Francisco Bay’s huge algae bloom is over. But experts are worried about more mass fish kills in the future

San Francisco Chronicle

Two months after the worst algae bloom in decades began spreading through the San Francisco Bay, eventually killing an untold number of fish, ecologists and water officials are still trying to...


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