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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Baykeeper Releases ShoreView Planning Tool for Sea Level Rise

(San Francisco Bay, CA) – Sea levels are expected to rise in San Francisco Bay by at least three feet over the next 80 years.  Many people around the Bay Area, including those working for local...

Green Light for More Tar Sands Oil Threatens the Bay

In a ruling that poses risks for San Francisco Bay, regional regulators recently approved an increase in the refining of heavy tar sands oil at the Phillips 66 oil refinery in Rodeo. The refinery...

California Says No to Trump’s Offshore Drilling Expansion

In a victory for the Bay—and the entire state—Governor Jerry Brown has signed two bills that will help prevent new offshore oil drilling along the state’s shoreline.   Senate Bill 834...

Baykeeper on Patrol: September 2018 Update

Baykeeper Field Investigator Sienna Courter headed to the Hamilton Wetlands in Novato with representatives from the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR). We're working...

Fishermen, Tribal Members, and Enviros Band Together to Advocate for More Flows at Sacramento Press Conference

Today, a coalition of environmental organizations, Northern California Indian tribal members, and commercial and sportfishing organizations held a press conference at the State Capitol to advocate...

Meet Baykeeper Board Member Jovita Pajarillo

From her bicycle atop Mt. Tamalpais or along Oakland’s Skyline Boulevard, Jovita Pajarillo experiences San Francisco Bay in her favorite way: taking in the expansive views from afar. The...

Feds Oppose Increased Freshwater for the Bay

Baykeeper has been advocating for state regulators to increase the amount of fresh water flowing into San Francisco Bay, to ensure a healthy ecosystem for the Bay and wildlife. Now there is new...

A Healthy Bay for Bat Rays

Do you know what Bay animal resembles both an eagle and a trash compactor? Bat rays are best known for their wide, bat-like “wings” (actually pectoral fins) that make them elegant swimmers. They’...

Baykeeper on Patrol: August 2018 Update

After receiving reports about possible pollution discharges from a shoreline site in the East Bay, Baykeeper's Field Investigator Sienna Courter, along with Managing Attorney Erica Maharg and Staff...

Advocating to Protect Suisun Marsh from Duck Club Waste

San Francisco Bay’s Suisun Marsh is one of the largest marshes on the West Coast, providing rich habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife—including river otters like the one pictured here....

Scooter Company Agrees to Address Dumping in the Bay

Last month, Baykeeper’s pollution hotline received a tip that two Lime scooters had been dumped in San Francisco Bay and left to decay. After several days of waiting in vain for the company to remove...

Dredging Doesn’t Have to Kill Endangered Wildlife

If you’ve spent time on San Francisco Bay you’ve probably seen dredging in action in the form of large barges scooping up mud from the Bay floor. Dredgers perform an essential function: they clear...


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