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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Baykeeper Comments, Applauds Alameda Draft General Plan

Oakland—San Francisco Baykeeper today submitted comments to the City of Alameda on its draft general plan update. Baykeeper applauds Alameda as one of few Bay Area jurisdictions to address...

Bills for the Bay

California lawmakers are busily crafting new legislation, on important topics—here are the bills Baykeeper is supporting so far: The Corporate Greenhouse Gas Transparency Bill (SB 260, Wiener,...

EBMUD Declares Drought—Baykeeper: Hold the Biggest Water Users Accountable

Oakland—Following two years of exceptionally dry conditions, the East Bay Utility District's board of directors voted Tuesday evening (April 27) to declare a stage one drought, and asked rate payers...

The Last Gasp for the Longfin Smelt

Sometimes justice delayed is justice denied. And so it could be with the Bay’s longfin smelt. This native fish population has declined 99.9 percent since the late 1980s, signaling widespread...

The Attorney Who Almost Got Away

Nicole Sasaki, an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, was watching the news one day in 2007 when she learned about Baykeeper. A cargo ship named Cosco Busan had spilled more than 53,000 gallons of oil into...

Nothing Fluffy About Auto Fluff

What do you think would happen if you took a giant chainsaw to an SUV? If you imagined metal shards and particles of plastic and foam flying in every direction, you wouldn’t be far off! The...

Cargill Gives Up Nonsensical Legal Challenge to Salt Ponds Ruling

Today, Redwood City Salt Plant, LLC, an affiliate of Cargill Incorporated, the largest privately held company in the United States, abandoned its latest attempt to facilitate selling off its South...

Roundtable: Water Wars Beyond the Delta

In this roundtable discussion moderated by Baykeeper Senior Scientist Dr. Jon Rosenfield, a panel of water experts discusses California's infamous "water wars" and the award-winning documentary River...

EPA Abandons Trump-Era Appeal to Overturn South Bay Salt Ponds Ruling

The EPA today abandoned a Trump-era attempt to remove federal Clean Water Act protections from the South Bay salt ponds, which would have facilitated property owner Cargill selling off the wetlands...

When the Bay Smells Like a Gas Station

Two weeks ago, an oil pipeline at the Chevron refinery in Richmond leaked, spilling more than 700 gallons of diesel mixture into the Bay. Authorities closed nearby Keller Beach and issued a public...

Chevron's Pathetic Response to Today's Oil Spill Increases Risk of Harm: Baykeeper Statement

Oakland, CA—Oil infrastructure at Chevron's Richmond refinery failed today, causing oil to spill into the Bay. Chevron's initial measures to control the spill were inadequate, and oil quickly...

Baykeeper Condemns Newsom Failure to Protect SF Bay’s Wildlife and People

Oakland—By law, the state is required to develop a scientifically solid plan to ensure that enough fresh water flows into San Francisco Bay to keep the water clean and to support thriving fisheries...


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