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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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A Big Win You Might Not Know About

Sometimes when the Bay scores a big win, you might not be aware of it. There's not a fireworks show or a victory parade. Most often, the developer with a bad proposal or the industrial company with a...

Army Corps Drops its Planned Hand-out to Big Oil

Last year, the US Army Corps of Engineers unveiled a plan to dredge a deeper shipping channel through San Francisco Bay to Stockton. The move itself wasn’t unusual since the Corps regularly dredges...

Army Engineers Ditch Plan to Deepen SF Bay Shipping Channels for Oil Tankers

  Cancellation is a Win for the Bay’s Health, for local Drinking Water, and will Save Taxpayers Millions of Dollars   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates as part of...

Victories to Protect San Francisco Bay from Industrial Pollution

Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry Campaign is making rapid progress. We launched the campaign in 2012, and have so far secured legally-binding agreements requiring 51 industrial facilities to implement...

Groups Send Letter to Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Supporting a Just Transition for Dirty Fuel Workers and Dependent Communities

Oakland, California—Just weeks after Contra Costa County’s Board of Supervisors declared a climate emergency in their county, a diverse group of environmental and public health advocates sent a...

The Case of the Missing Birds at Aquatic Park

Last fall, paddlers at Berkeley’s Aquatic Park noticed something wrong.  The water had become cloudy and oily, the normally plentiful fish and birds were nowhere to be seen, and the water...

One Less Polluter in the South Bay

All around the Bay Area, hundreds of industrial facilities allow their polluted runoff to seep into the watershed—a slow drip of toxic waste that turns into a deluge every time it rains. At...

How to use Facebook to Support Baykeeper

Facebook has a simple fundraising tool that you can use to support Baykeeper’s critical work defending the Bay from the biggest threats and holding polluters accountable.  Make sure to set up...

US Coast Guard Legal Settlement with Baykeeper Finalized Today

Oakland, CA — Baykeeper and the US Coast Guard reached an agreement today that requires the federal agency to make significant changes to reduce heavy metals and other pollutants from its Yerba Buena...

San Francisco Baykeeper Responds to Trump's Announced Special Office of Water Grabs

  Oakland, CA — Today, Donald Trump signed an executive order to form a "subcabinet" office of water policy, with a mandate of meeting the water demands of industrial agriculture and fracking...

Short Circuiting Pollution to the Bay

The Bay is literally surrounded by polluters of all shapes and sizes. Approximately 1,600 industrial facilities line the Bay and its tributaries. In the absence of pollution controls, these...

Federal Judge Finds for Environmental Groups in Suit Against EPA

Redwood City’s Salt Ponds are Protected by the Clean Water Act The historic salt ponds in Redwood City, owned by an affiliate of Cargill, Inc., are indeed waters of the United States and are...


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