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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Oil Rigs—in the Bay Area?

Despite a declining demand for oil, the greedy fossil fuel industry is trying to push through as many new dirty projects as possible, including right here in the Bay Area. Contra Costa County...

We'll say it again… no more coal on San Francisco Bay!

  Most people don’t consider the Bay Area to be Coal Country, but over the last few years Big Coal has been using San Francisco Bay to stage and process millions of tons of...

Environmental Groups Join City of Richmond in Legal Fight to Phase Out Polluting Coal Dust from Shipping Terminal

  Richmond, CA — Today, the Sierra Club and San Francisco Baykeeper moved to interevene as full parties in the lawsuits to defend the City of Richmond’s ordinance that phases out the storage...

Ninth Circuit Judges Uphold Coal Ruling, Side with Coal Terminal Developers

  Oakland, CA — Today, over two years after Judge Vince Chhabria struck down the City of Oakland’s prohibition on handling and storage of coal at the former Oakland Army Base, the case was...

Court halts Trump water grab – for now

Late Monday, a federal judge in Fresno temporarily stopped the Trump administration from further hurting the Bay's endangered fish. Trump's plan weakens Delta water export rules to send even more...

New Shoreline Development Under the Shadow of Chevron

Richmond’s Point Molate has been called "the crown jewel” of the East Bay shoreline. It sits under the shadow of one of the region’s biggest polluters, the Chevron oil refinery—and now, Point Molate...

Surprising Levels of Pollution from two South Bay Cities

Baykeeper’s field team has been busy investigating the causes of pollution to South Bay creeks and rivers that feed into San Francisco Bay. During the rainy season, our scientists spent many weeks...

The Bay's Not a Long-Term Parking Lot

The pandemic has shut down the global demand for fossil fuels. That means Bay Area refineries can't process all the crude oil that’s already loaded on tankers and coming our way. It's...

Using Fish Ears to Fight Polluters

Selenium poisoning is shocking local scientists… again. Newly published studies found deformities in 80 percent of young Sacramento splittail minnow, a threatened fish found in the...

At EPA headquarters, salt ponds aren’t water

In a bizarre act of make believe, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) team in D.C. is claiming that pond water isn’t water. EPA recently decided that the Redwood City salt ponds are land and...

Too little (but not too late) for the Petaluma River

Updated: On March 17, 2020, Baykeeper further challenged the Regional Board's flawed plan before the oversight agency, urging the State Water Board to reject the plan as inadequate. Baykeeper's...

San Francisco Bay Swim Advisory

There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment about how COVID-19 spreads. But what we do know is that raw sewage is rife with pathogens of all kinds—and spills of untreated sewage spike during...


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