Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for February 19, 2009

Marin Sewage Spill Threatens the Bay

A sewage spill in Marin has leaked massive amounts of sewage into San Francisco Bay. Officials are reporting that as many as 300,000 gallons of partially treated sewage may be released before the leak can be fully contained. Baykeeper has been working for over a decade to reduce sewage contamination in the Bay by advocating for region-wide upgrades to our crumbling sewage systems and by forcing cities and sanitation agencies to reduce sewage spills that violate the Clean Water Act and threaten the health of the Bay and its wildlife.

To support Baykeeper's work to protect the Bay from sewage contamination, please make a donation today. Visit us online to read more about this latest sewage spill and our efforts to keep sewage out of the Bay.

How The New Administration Can Impact the Bay

SejalEvery month, Baykeeper Sejal Choksi writes a column on water quality issues in the Bay Area. This month she examines how the Obama Administration could help improve water quality across the nation and in San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco Baykeeper has worked for twenty years to protect the San Francisco Bay from pollution. During the last eight years of the Bush administration, however, we’ve witnessed a disregard for sound environmental policy that’s allowed thousands of miles of our country’s vital waterways to be degraded and polluted..... Read more of Sejal's analysis of new national priorities for water quality.

Keeping Abandoned Boats Out of the Bay

pesticidesAbandoned boats are an increasing source of pollution in San Francisco Bay, particularly as the economy worsens and more people abandon boats they cannot afford to maintain. When these boats deteriorate, they leak oil, gas, sewage and heavy metals like lead and mercury into the Bay, endangering people and wildlife. Baykeeper is sponsoring a bill in the California legislature to prevent the abandonment of unwanted boats that are polluting California's waterways. Read full details of our bill to keep waterways clear of abandoned boats.

An Update on Sick Pelicans

pelicanThank you to everyone who's been on the lookout for sick and disoriented brown pelicans. Please continue to report them to the California Wildlife Hotline at 866-WILD-911.

Researchers have determined that unusually cold winter weather is the most likely cause of unexpectedly high numbers of ill pelicans in California. Read more about the recent illness of pelicans on the West Coast.

Support a Healthy and Thriving Bay!

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