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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Richmond, Thank You for Banning Coal!

In a bold move, the City of Richmond voted to ban coal storage and handling. This is a huge step forward in the fight to protect local residents and stop dirty coal pollution in San Francisco Bay...

Newsom's Water Portfolio is a Wish List, not a Roadmap

Fisheries are collapsing. Salmon runs are dwindling. Endangered species are rapidly approaching extinction. And drinking water is unsafe in some of California’s most disadvantaged communities....

Dream Restaurant Becomes a Waterfront Nightmare

The nightmare began several years ago with a dream of turning a 95-year-old former war vessel into a floating luxury restaurant. But the dream was never realized. The owner abandoned the boat, the...

Baykeeper on Patrol: December 2019 Update

Baykeeper Field Investigator Cole Burchiel is busy planning for our annual aerial survey of the King Tides in the Bay. These extra-high tides occur every year when the earth's orbit aligns at its...

Richmond Delays Protection from Dirty Coal

The Bay Area’s only active coal terminal moves more than a million tons of coal through Richmond every year, releasing toxic coal dust into nearby neighborhoods and San Francisco Bay. Coal dust...

Preventing a Toxic Wave of Industrial Pollution

More than 1,600 industrial facilities around the Bay use and store heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, fuels, and hazardous waste in outdoor areas. With each passing day, these toxic materials...

Anchor Brewing Company Debuts Baykeeper IPA in Cans

San Francisco, CA (November 19, 2019) – Anchor Brewing Company and local nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper announce their limited-edition collaboration brew, Baykeeper IPA, in cans for the very first...

Baykeeper on Patrol: November 2019 Update

Baykeeper Field Investigator Cole Burchiel recently patrolled the area around Hanson Aggregates—a company we've repeatedly challenged in court for taking excessive sand from the Bay's floor. The...

Help save Newark's Bayfront on November 14

A development company has a shocking new plan to fill one of San Francisco Bay's few remaining wetland areas, right on the Bay shoreline in Newark. Wetlands and tidal marshes are becoming more...

Trump Approves Extinction Plan for California Fish

In a draft review from July of this year, federal scientists found that the Trump administration's plans for federal dams and water diversions in California would make a bad situation worse....

Take Action: Help Clean up Coal Exports in the Bay

The Bay Area's only active coal export company operates in the city of Richmond, right on the Bay's shoreline. The Levin terminal moves a million tons of coal every year from uncovered trains onto...

Sharks of San Francisco Bay

Great White sharks swim along the Pacific Coast September through December. That’s why Bay Area surfers often call this season "Sharktober"— an especially fitting time around Halloween for retelling...


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