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Eighty Groups Demand Gov. Newsom Set Nation-Leading Clean Car Standard

  SACRAMENTO, Calif.— More than 80 environmental and justice organizations—incuding San Francisco Baykeeper, Center for Biodiversity, and Communities for a Better Environment—delivered a...

Baykeeper Sues Valero, Port of Benicia Over Pollution Violations

Oakland, CA—Following the Clean Water Act's required 60 day notification period, Baykeeper filed a lawsuit against Benicia's Valero refinery and the Port of Benicia for...

Is Alameda Going Underwater?

A human-made island, at sea level, surrounded by San Francisco Bay, Alameda faces an unusually high risk from sea level rise. In the coming decades, sea levels around the Bay will rise by at least...

What Goes Up Must Come Down

A metal plating company in Fremont, Global Plating, has long avoided Clean Water Act requirements by claiming to have no industrial activities outdoors. But after collecting stormwater samples,...

A Death Sentence for California Salmon

Last year, the Sacramento River’s winter-run Chinook salmon were almost entirely killed off. How? California’s State Water Resources Control Board allowed water releases into the river that were too...

Bio-diesel: Just Another Dirty Fuel?

At Baykeeper, we want the dirty fossil fuel industry to transition to producing cleaner types of energy. But just what does that mean? With the industry spin doctors spreading so many mistruths, it...

Never Too Big to Be Held Accountable

Baykeeper's legal action to stop petroleum coke pollution at the Port of Benicia just got much bigger. We put Valero—one of America’s largest companies, #16 on the Forbes Top 50—on notice that we’re...

Tackling Toxic Flooding—From Above & Below

Last week, Baykeeper co-hosted a workshop with scientists and environmental justice advocates to tackle the threat of sea level and groundwater rise inundating the Bay’s toxic sites. There are...

Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Contamination Regional Workshop

Community Leaders and Government Officials to Discuss the Threat of Sea Level and Groundwater Rise to Contaminated Sites around San Francisco Bay   WHEN:     ...

A Turning Point for Bay Fish

In response to our advocacy efforts to reduce pollution in Bay fish over a decade ago, a local water agency informed us that there was “no evidence of subsistence fishing in the Bay Area.” This came...

Big Coal's Days in the Bay Are Numbered

The Richmond City Council just signed an agreement that will keep coal out of the city permanently—a move that Baykeeper has fought for long and hard. We worked with partners and local activists in...

Richmond City Council and Levin Terminal Reach Agreement to Phase Out Coal and Petcoke by End of 2026

Settlement establishes end date for scourge of coal and petcoke dust, and will include interim health protections for Richmond residents for the next five years Richmond, CA—Today, the Richmond...


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