Tell Mayor Breed: Don't Let SFPUC Lead SF Backwards

Once again, California is facing a punishing drought. And once again, some utilities, like San Francisco's powerful Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), haven't learned their lessons. In fact, SFPUC isn't doing much to reduce demands on our natural water supplies, like using recycled water—which puts San Francisco way behind places like Los Angeles when it comes to using water responsibly.

SFPUC has only meager plans to develop alternative sources of water. Instead, they plan to put more of the burden on the overtapped Tuolumne River, individual water users, and on the Bay itself. Rather than maintaining clean water and the Central Valley's storied Chinook salmon that need fresh water to survive, SFPUC is choosing to stay on its current, unsustainable path and help Big Ag operations in the Central Valley take more of the Bay's water. And what's more, they're using Trump-era science to argue that fish don't actually need flowing rivers to survive.

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SFPUC needs to take responsibility and get with the times. Join Baykeeper and ask Mayor Breed to direct SFPUC to make plans to use recycled water and to give the Bay the water flows it needs to stay healthy.