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Judge Orders Army Corps, Port of Stockton to Stop Illegal Dredging

In a blistering decision issued late yesterday, the U.S. District Court in Sacramento ordered the halting of all dredging at the Port of Stockton, and characterized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’...

Federal Court Orders U.S. EPA to Regulate Ships Dumping Ballast Water

Finding that EPA’s regulation exempting ballast water discharges from the Clean Water Act is “plainly contrary to the congressional intent,” a federal court ordered the U.S....

Baykeeper sues Richmond for Spilling Hundreds of Thousands of Gallons of Raw Sewage into the San Francisco Bay

Baykeeper made good on its promise to sue the City of Richmond if officials failed to address problems causing massive sewage spills. After five months of negotiations, Baykeeper and co-plaintiff...


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