Baykeeper Issues New Position Paper Opposing the Delta Tunnels

May 23, 2017

The proposed Delta Tunnels project is once again threatening the health of San Francisco Bay.

After decades of excessive water diversions, San Francisco Bay and the larger Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are starving for fresh water. The situation is harming fish, birds, plants, and people throughout the Bay-Delta estuary.

Unfortunately, Governor Brown is trying to advance his “WaterFix” plan, which would authorize additional water diversions from the Delta through two massive tunnels. This plan would further hurt rivers, the fragile Delta ecosystem, and San Francisco Bay.

California doesn’t need a new expensive and disruptive water infrastructure project. Instead, Baykeeper, along with many coalition partners, is advocating for long-term sustainability, with a focus on smart water use and conservation.

Baykeeper has developed a new position paper (attached below) outlining our science-based concerns about how the proposal could harm the Bay-Delta estuary.

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