Trump casts dark shadow on California water

SACRAMENTO, California — President Joe Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom are racing to protect vulnerable Chinook salmon and Delta smelt in California’s main water supply before a possible second Trump presidency.

Former President Donald Trump vowed this year to send more water to drought-weary, Republican-leaning farmers if he is reelected. Biden and Newsom are trying to thwart the move that could send endangered fish closer to extinction by overhauling Trump-era rules before the end of 2024…

Environmentalists claim the yearly plans are only minorly more protective of fish than the Trump rules and call them “Trump-lite.” They’ve also assailed Newsom for decisions to pipe water out of the sensitive Delta region they say have caused populations of fish like salmon and sturgeon to plummet.

“These fish are getting more and more endangered,” said Jon Rosenfield, senior scientist at the San Francisco Baykeeper. “They need actual protections that biologists approve, not some negotiated interim insufficient protections that a court approves every year.”

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