Advocate for the Bay

YOur Voice is the key to our success.

Below are the latest petitions and actions you can take for a healthier Bay. 

Find other ways to get involved

Illustration of swimming white sturgeon

Protect The Bay’s White Sturgeon

Kite surfer in Sunnyvale

Tell Sunnyvale & Mountain View to do the Right thing

Rippling waves of water

Help Stop the Delta Tunnel

Aerial view of the shoreline around the Zeneca toxic site in Richmond
Red tide along shoreline in Alameda

Don’t Let Toxic Algae Blooms Become Our New Normal

Coal trains along the water

Stop the Oakland Coal Terminal

Have a Tip? Report Pollution To Baykeeper

Reports from whistleblowers and the general public help us track down pollution.

You can reach Baykeeper’s pollution hotline at 1-800-KEEP-BAY, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below to submit a confidential pollution tip.

Images at top: Fiorella Ikeue (sturgeon), Meggle, Flickr/CC (Sunnyvale), Robb Most (water), Baykeeper, Noah Berger / San Francisco Chronicle (algae bloom), Paul K. Anderson (coal trains)