Threats to the Bay

Pollution hurts the Bay and its watershed

San Francisco Bay and its watershed are under constant stress from industrial pollution, raw sewage spills, trash, oil tankers, hazardous chemicals, and more. Ongoing mining, dredging, and habitat destruction also harm the Bay.

Laws are too weak

Government agencies don’t fully enforce the laws and policies that are supposed to keep the Bay and its watershed safe from harm. And polluters constantly lobby for weaker regulations.

The Bay’s health is in jeopardy

San Francisco Bay’s critical wetlands, its bottom floor, and the fresh water from rivers that flow into the Bay are all being mismanaged and exploited — leaving the Bay in a weak, unstable condition.

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Petcoke spill in the water at the Port of Benicia

Fossil Fuel Pollution

Aerial view of the shoreline around the Zeneca toxic site in Richmond

Sea Level Rise

Bright green algae bloom in Stockton

Harmful Algae Blooms

Baykeeper scientist taking sample of industrial pollution
Sewage warning sign along the Bay shoreline

Sewage Spills

Seagull with plastic trash in its beak

Urban Runoff

Aerial view of flows of water in the Delta

Water Mismanagement

Ocean Beach from the air

Dredging & Mining

Take Action

Tell Bay Area officials and government agencies to ensure our communities and environment are healthy. Learn more about our latest advocacy sign-ons—and what actions you can take for a healthier Bay. 

Photos: Seagull by Ingrid Taylar; Ocean Beach by Robb Most; No Coal photo by Robert McKinney. All others by Baykeeper.