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Baykeeper challenges government mismanagement of the Bay’s resources to make sure that fish, birds, and wildlife will thrive for generations to come.

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Water Mismanagement Harmful Algae Blooms Fossil Fuel Pollution Dredging & Mining
Illustration of a white sturgeon swimming

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Take Action to Protect the Bay’s White Sturgeon

California’s white sturgeon is the continent’s largest and oldest freshwater fish, having swum in Pacific Coast rivers and streams for 46 million years. But now, this ancient fish is facing multiple existential threats. Excessive water diversions from Central Valley rivers, harmful algae blooms, and overfishing are pushing white sturgeon to the brink.

Meanwhile, California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and the agencies responsible for maintaining Bay-Delta water quality, are making decisions that further harm the white sturgeon.

So Baykeeper and our coalition partners are working to ensure that California white sturgeon receive the protections they need to survive.

Act now! Sign our letter to urge the CA Fish & Game Commission to list California’s white sturgeon as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act—and ensure this iconic Bay fish is protected in the years to come

Illustration of a white sturgeon by Fiorella Ikeue in collaboration with Baykeeper