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Baykeeper’s scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates can be reached anytime to speak about the threats to San Francisco Bay and how we hold polluters accountable.

Members of the media may also request to join a pollution patrol to see firsthand how Baykeeper works to defend the Bay.

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Mark Westlund, Communications Director

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Coalition Files Protest Against Delta Conveyance Water Diversion Application

Coalition files protest against Delta Conveyance water diversion application that would cause irreversible harm to … Read more

State Must Stop Killing Federally Protected Salmon and Steelhead

State and federal agencies must take immediate action to stop the unauthorized killing of thousands … Read more

San Francisco Caught Dumping Millions of Gallons of Sewage Into SF Bay Every Year

San Francisco Baykeeper recently issued a notice of intent to take legal action against the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the City and County of San Francisco for repeated violations of the Clean Water Act. The nonprofit watchdog organization obtained information through public records requests from SFPUC, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and identified hundreds of Clean Water Act violations over the last five years.   

Governor Newsom Doubles Down on Controversial Delta Tunnel

California’s Chinook Salmon One Step Closer to Extinction Governor Newsom’s Water Resources Department applied for … Read more
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