Mission Creek houseboat resident concerned about pollution from filthy San Francisco sewer runoff

The health of San Francisco Bay waters has prompted the state and federal government to take legal action, with the Environmental Protection Agency and the state of California suing the city of San Francisco over the amount of sewage being dumped into the bay...

It’s no secret untreated sewage has been spilling into Mission Creek and into the bay after heavy rains. According to environmental watchdog nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper everything gets dumped out into the creek.

SF Baykeeper Executive Director Sejal Choksi-Chugh says the sewage system gets overwhelmed.

“We are looking at houseboats in Mission Creek and these are people who live on the water,” said Choksi-Chugh. “Anytime there is discharge from the PUC gates, from the creek, these homes are exposed to anything that is in the water. It’s a pretty sad situation.  Anytime there is a heavy rainstorm there is massive amounts of discharge like trash and sewage, syringes and condoms.”

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