Protecting Wildlife and Public Access on Treasure Island

A private luxury marina proposed for development in Clipper Cove at Treasure Island will be drastically scaled back in a big victory for San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper, Save Clipper Cove, and other concerned organizations and residents have been advocating for several years to preserve Clipper Cove for wildlife habitat and as a public sailing and educational area.

East Bay Plastics Recycler Agrees to Stop Polluting San Leandro Creek

In Baykeeper’s 44th Bay-Safe Industry win, Containers Unlimited has agreed to stop pollution of San Francisco Bay from its Oakland recycling facility.

Baykeeper’s investigation found that the Containers Unlimited facility was releasing polluted runoff with high levels of heavy metals, chemical oxygen demand (a measure of organic matter), and total suspended solids (a measure of small particles, including industrial waste).

Press Release: EPA Ignores Petition to Review Illegally Issued Refinery Permit to Pollute

Rodeo Refinery Air Permit Issued with No Public Input

For immediate release, May 21, 2018

Contacts:  Camille Stough, Communities for a Better Environment,

(510) 302-0430 x16,

Sejal Choksi-Chugh, San Francisco Baykeeper,

(510) 735-9700 x107,

Hollin Kretzmann, Center for Biological Diversity,


Sewage Spill Rates are Down, But Cities Need to Do More to Protect the Bay

During the most recent 2017-2018 rainy season, over 350,000 gallons of sewage-contaminated spills flowed into San Francisco Bay and into creeks that flow to the Bay.

The most recent rainy season’s sewage spill total was far lower than during 2016-17’s exceptionally wet winter, when over 12 million gallons of water contaminated with sewage flowed into the Bay or its tributaries.

San Jose Paper Recycler Agrees to Keep Pollution Out of the Bay

In the 43rd victory for Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry Campaign, The Newark Group, Inc., a San Jose paper recycling facility, has agreed to prevent contaminated rainwater from running off its San Jose site and into San Francisco Bay.

The runoff from Newark’s recycling facility has been contaminated with high levels of pollutants that are harmful to underwater life. Rainwater running off the facility flows to a storm drain that empties into the Guadalupe River, which flows to San Francisco Bay.

Fire-Damaged Richmond Auto Wrecker Agrees to Protect the Bay from Contamination

In Baykeeper’s latest victory to stop industrial pollution in San Francisco Bay, Deal Auto Company, located in Contra Costa County near Richmond, has agreed to prevent contaminated rainwater from running off its site and into San Francisco Bay.

A used auto parts business, Deal Auto Company had a large fire in 2015. Hundreds of cars stored at the site were charred. The business is currently closed and making arrangements for a possible reopening.

Baykeeper Opposes Luxury Marina Development on Treasure Island

A private luxury marina proposed for development at Clipper Cove on Treasure Island will damage wildlife habitat and harm public access to one of San Francisco Bay’s most protected sailing areas, Baykeeper recently told the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Baykeeper is advocating against the marina development, which would be open only to large 40 to 80 foot yachts. The marina would occupy 32% of the cove, which is a small inlet of the Bay between Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.


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