Report Pollution

Spills, illegal dumping incidents, illicit discharges and improper management practices harm the water quality of San Francisco Bay. Many local and regional agencies have resources, jurisdictional authority and regulatory responsibilities to respond to incidents in order to expedite emergency clean-up, implement preventative response and complete regulatory follow-up.

Report pollution by calling San Francisco Baykeeper's hotline at 1-800-KEEP-BAY, e-mailing or filling out the form below.

If you would like to contact a city or agency directly, please use the following information to report a pollution spill or discharge to the Bay, creeks, storm drains or other water body:

  • If a hazardous materials incident is in progress call 911
  • If the spill/discharge incident is to open water, call
    -- CA Office of Emergency Services Oil Spill Hotline (24 hours) at 800-OILS-911 or
    -- CA Department of Fish and Game Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) (24 hours) at 888-334-2258 and
    -- U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center at 800-424-8802
  • Contact local agency responders to report illicit discharges or sewage spills (see listings by county/city):
  • If you have concerns about reporting a pollution incident at your workplace, contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is a federal agency that can protect employees from retaliation by an employer. To reach OSHA's regional office, call (415) 625-2547. Download the OSHA Fact Sheet here.

E-mail an Incident Report to Baykeeper

Contact information is optional; leave blank if you prefer to submit the form anonymously. If you do provide contact information, we will follow up with the results of your report.

Please include the observed time and date, location and description of the event. If you have photos please provide below.
Photos and other documentation are very helpful when following up on pollution tips. If you have any files you'd like to provide please include images in gif, jpg or png format. You can also provide PDF or .doc (Word) files.
Files must be less than 800 bytes.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png pdf doc docx.