Since 1989, Baykeeper has advocated for the health of San Francisco Bay. We use science and clean water laws to improve habitats and communities reliant on a thriving Bay ecosystem.

25th Anniversary
Jul 22, 2014
In 1998, Baykeeper and our partners won a great victory for San Francisco Bay when we compelled two oil refineries to stop contaminating the Bay with selenium. The refinery owners, oil giants Unocal and Exxon, also paid $4.8 million in...
Oil Spills
Jul 17, 2014
In a major victory for protecting California waterways from oil spills, a new state law will provide the state’s rivers, lakes, and creeks with oil spill protections previously given only to the state’s coastal waters. The law also ensures...
Sand mining
Jul 10, 2014
On July 8, Baykeeper filed an appeal in our lawsuit to stop excessive sand mining in San Francisco Bay. For years, private companies have been permitted to mine too much sand from the Bay, contributing to erosion at Ocean Beach and harming...
Oil Spills
Jun 18, 2014
Baykeeper advocated in support of a resolution unanimously passed on June 17 by the Oakland City Council to oppose rail shipments of hazardous crude oil, coal, and petroleum coke (a toxic by-product of oil refining) through Oakland. Fossil...

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