Defending the Bay from Climate Change Despite Federal Rollbacks

President Trump has issued another executive order to weaken environmental protections—this time, to undo policies curbing climate change. If implemented, this executive order would roll back limits on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, exacerbating global warming.  

Baykeeper and environmental groups across the country are pushing back against the administration’s anti-science policies and working locally to keep the environment healthy.

Baykeeper is defending San Francisco Bay from climate change by:

Barge Fuel Leak in the Bay

On Friday, April 7, a barge carrying 4,000 gallons of diesel and 300 gallons of oil sank in San Francisco Bay and began leaking fuel. The barge, which is named “Vengeance” and owned by Vortex Marine Construction, Inc., was stationed near Yerba Buena Island for BART tube maintenance, and likely capsized during the rough stormy weather.


Protections for the Bay and Clean Water Are Under Attack

The federal administration’s attack on environmental protections continued this month with potential cuts to water quality programs in San Francisco Bay, plus a nationwide rollback of clean water safeguards.

The administration’s proposed budget calls for a 31% cut in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which would slash staff and programming across the country.


Senator Wiener Introduces Bill to Protect California Waterways from Dangerous Spills of Tar Sands Oil

SB 709 requires that any transport of non-floating oils (like crude from tar sands) in California waterways be prohibited unless a clean-up contingency plan is developed, including identifying an organization capable of responding to a spill

Sacramento -- Today Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announced a bill to protect California’s waterways from dangerous spills of tar sands oil. California has laws to prevent and prepare for “conventional” oil spills that can be cleaned up from the surface of the water. These laws do not take into account oils like those derived from tar sands that will sink to the bottom of waterways and contaminate entire aquatic ecosystems. These oils are hard, if not impossible, to clean up after a spill.


Baykeeper Files Second Challenge to Stop Excessive Sand Mining in SF Bay

Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Executive Director, Baykeeper, 510-735-9700 x 107

San Francisco, Calif. - The California State Lands Commission, an agency responsible for protecting San Francisco Bay, has once again approved permits to let private companies remove harmful levels of sand from the Bay’s floor. On January 30, San Francisco Baykeeper filed a second legal action challenging the increased sand mining.

Excessive sand mining is linked to irreversible erosion at Ocean Beach. This erosion threatens roads and other infrastructure, diminishes habitat for the endangered Snowy Plover, and shrinks beach area for public recreation.


Stopping Copper Pollution in San Francisco Bay

Baykeeper is advocating for stronger regulations on boat coatings to protect fish and other wildlife from the toxic effects of copper contamination.

Copper is a powerful biocide commonly found in specialized boat coatings that prevents algae, barnacles, and other sea life from growing on boat hulls. These “anti-fouling” paints are widely used by both commercial and non-commercial boaters to prevent sea life from attaching to boat hulls, where they can damage the hulls and decrease a vessel’s speed.


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