Sturgeon: Quiet Giants of the Bay

Sejal Choksi-Chugh
From the February 2018 edition of Bay Crossings

Compared to some of our wild neighbors around the Bay Area, we’re all newbies to California.  Sturgeon have swum in our local waters for more than 2 million years. These giant fish can grow even larger than San Francisco Bay’s biggest mammal, the sea lion. But because sturgeon stay far underwater along the Bay’s dark floor, few people ever see one.

Baykeeper conducts flyover survey of King Tides

Baykeeper’s Staff Scientist and Field Investigator took to the air with our partners at LightHawk Conservation Flying, to survey the impact of King Tides on Bay Area shorelines for the third year in a row.

Documenting the range and intensity of the annual high tides known as King Tides can help predict the effect of sea level rise in coming decades. Sediment erosion during King Tides

Fighting to Prevent Coal Pollution in the Bay - Again

Sejal Choksi-Chugh
From the January 2018 edition of Bay Crossings

Like a creature from a horror movie that keeps coming back from the dead, the threat of coal pollution is menacing San Francisco Bay again. And it could be coming to a neighborhood near you.

This month, a trial is set to determine if a developer can overturn the City of Oakland’s recent ban on coal transport and storage in Oakland. Baykeeper is standing up in court beside Oakland city leaders to defend the ban—because it’s the key to keeping coal pollution out of San Francisco Bay and our local neighborhoods.

Working to Prevent a Devastating Oil Spill in the Bay

Baykeeper is working to prevent a dangerous new threat to San Francisco Bay—a tar sands oil spill.

If spilled in the Bay, heavy tar sands oil would likely sink to the Bay’s bottom, making it virtually impossible to remove and causing irreparable harm to the ecosystem. Despite this threat, companies that handle and transport tar sands oil are not required to prepare a contingency plan for cleaning up this kind of spill. And, as new pipelines are fast-tracked under the current federal administration, heavy oil transport will likely become more widespread over the next decade. 


San Francisco Rendering Plant Agrees to Protect the Bay from Contamination

In the 40th victory for Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry Campaign, Darling Ingredients has agreed to prevent rainwater contaminated with pollutants that harm fish and other wildlife from running off its site and into San Francisco Bay.

Darling Ingredients operates a food processing by-product recycling plant at Pier 92 along San Francisco’s eastern shoreline. The company converts used cooking oil, fat, bone, and protein into ingredients used in the production of feed, fuel, and fertilizer.

Fires in the North Bay

North of San Francisco Bay, wildfires have raged across the region for more than a week. Everyone at Baykeeper sends our heartfelt sympathy to those impacted by this tragic disaster. We hope for a full and safe recovery as work continues to contain the fires and as local responders begin to assess the damage and plan for rebuilding.

Once North Bay communities are safe, Baykeeper's focus will turn to monitoring pollution impacts to the Napa River, Sonoma Creek, Carneros Creek, and parts of the Petaluma River, which all flow into northern San Francisco Bay.


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