Mystery Shark Deaths in the Bay

For more than three months, hundreds of dead leopard sharks have been washing up on San Francisco Bay’s shoreline. Shark experts investigating the mysterious deaths have made progress, but they haven’t yet determined the exact cause.

If you see a shark stranded on the shoreline, don’t try to push it back in the water. Report its exact location to Baykeeper’s hotline at 1-800-KEEP-BAY (1-800-533-7229) and send photos to

Trump Nixes Climate Accord—We Keep Defending the Bay

President Trump recently announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. This historic agreement, reached by 195 countries in 2015, sets targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the rise in average global temperatures.

By withdrawing, the U.S. is taking a serious step back from leadership on containing climate change and preserving a healthy planet for future generations.

Baykeeper Issues New Position Paper Opposing the Delta Tunnels

The proposed Delta Tunnels project is once again threatening the health of San Francisco Bay.

After decades of excessive water diversions, San Francisco Bay and the larger Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are starving for fresh water. The situation is harming fish, birds, plants, and people throughout the Bay-Delta estuary.

New Baykeeper Bill to Protect the Bay from Tar Sands Oil Spills

San Francisco Baykeeper is sponsoring a state bill to protect San Francisco Bay from tar sands oil spills. The bill, SB 709, would protect California waterways from spills of tar sands oil and other “non-floating” oils that are particularly difficult to clean up.

Currently, oil spill cleanup technology is designed to deal with spills of conventional oil that floats on the surface of water and slowly disperses and evaporates. But heavier oils, like tar sands sink, making the substance nearly impossible to remove from an aquatic ecosystem.


Baykeeper Water Forum: Threats and Opportunity for San Francisco Bay

The challenges facing San Francisco Bay—and the opportunity for a bigger movement for the environment to come together—set the stage for Baykeeper’s 2nd Annual Water Forum on April 24. The theme was Water Policy and Bay Protection in the New Federal Era.

Our speakers, Jared Huffman, member of Congress from California’s 2nd district, and Linda Sheehan, water policy expert and Executive Director of Planet Pledge, discussed the current risks to San Francisco Bay. Radio station KALW’s Rose Aguilar moderated the event.  

Defending the Bay from Climate Change Despite Federal Rollbacks

President Trump has issued another executive order to weaken environmental protections—this time, to undo policies curbing climate change. If implemented, this executive order would roll back limits on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, exacerbating global warming.  

Baykeeper and environmental groups across the country are pushing back against the administration’s anti-science policies and working locally to keep the environment healthy.

Baykeeper is defending San Francisco Bay from climate change by:

Barge Fuel Leak in the Bay

On Friday, April 7, a barge carrying 4,000 gallons of diesel and 300 gallons of oil sank in San Francisco Bay and began leaking fuel. The barge, which is named “Vengeance” and owned by Vortex Marine Construction, Inc., was stationed near Yerba Buena Island for BART tube maintenance, and likely capsized during the rough stormy weather.



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