Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays from Baykeeper!


Baykeeper Staff
In Back: Deb, Jen, Sejal and Sara
In Front: Eliet, Amy and Lola

As the year closes, all of us at Baykeeper wish you a peaceful holiday season and New Year. Thank you to everyone for your emails, calls, volunteer efforts and financial support.  We would like to thank especially those who recently joined Baykeeper or who gave a special year-end gift. Whether you are a new or long-term supporter, your involvement has fueled a collective impact that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Since the Cosco Busan oil spill, many people have realized the extent to which a thriving San Francisco Bay defines the character and community of the Bay Area. Baykeeper was founded in 1989 as a pollution watchdog working for tough regulations to protect the Bay from oil spills and other kinds of pollution. Over the last two months, we’ve worked long hours on the spill, but our regular work is focused on keeping sewage, industrial chemicals and polluted urban runoff out of the Bay.  These less visible sources of pollution cause a daily influx of pathogens, oil and other toxic chemicals that stress Bay Area wildlife and fisheries.

In 2007, we made substanial progress to protect the San Francisco Bay by:

* Reducing raw sewage and industrial wastewater spills;
* Controlling stormwater pollution;
* Protecting fisheries and habitat;
* Securing an agressive mercury clean up plan;
* Regulating agricultural pollution; and
* Securing regulations to stop the introduction of invasive species from foreign ports.

With your help in 2008, we'll keep up the fight by:

* Cleaning up the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay;
* Holding Bay Area refineries accountable for their mercury emissions;
* Stopping raw sewage from pouring into the Bay from the City of Burlingame;
* Reducing polluted stormwater runoff from Bay Area cities and industries;
* Reforming oil spill response policy;
* Improving regulation of toxic chemicals going into the Bay; and
* Forcing local power plants to end massive fish kills through antiquated technology.

We have quite a docket before us in 2008 and appreciate your continued interest and support in the New Year.

Events to Benefit Baykeeper
The Shaker Chair
A new play by recent Obie award winner Adam Bock, author of Five Flights and The Typographer's Dream. A widow invests in a restored Shaker chair and discovers the intent of the design: it makes you want to get up and do something. The widow finds herself inspired to enact both personal and political changes when her friend discovers that a factory is leaking sewage into groundwater. Using wit and environmental activism Bock's play asks us: how far are you willing to go to fight injustice? And can you live with the consequences?

Written by Adam Bock and directed by Tracy Ward
Shotgun Players at Ashby Stage in Berkeley
Dec. 12 - Jan. 17
$25 Tickets
Baykeeper donations accepted.

Peet's Coffee
2156 Chestnut St., San Francisco (at Chestnut and Pierce)
Dec. 24
Free coffee and tea all day!
Baykeeper donations accepted.

How to Get Involved
Get involved in defending the San Francisco Bay from pollution. You can help by making a donation to Baykeeper or by reporting pollution problems in your neighborhood.

Annual memberships start at $15. If you have made a donation of $15 or more over the past year, you are already a member. Baykeeper is the most effective and efficient group out there defending the Bay.  Your membership will keep our boat on patrol and our staff in the courtrooms and in front of officials.  For every dollar we spend, we're proud to secure twice that amount in donated services from attorneys, scientists and experts.  And every legal victory adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that go directly to nonprofits for Bay restoration and education efforts.

Become a Member: Donate online at or send a check made out to Baykeeper to 785 Market. St. STE 850, San Francisco, CA 94103. For details on making a donation, contact or 415-856-0444 x 104.

Report Pollution: Call 1-800-KEEP-BAY.

Happy Holidays from Baykeeper!