Stop the Oakland Coal Terminal

Developers want to build a massive coal export terminal in Oakland, right at the foot of the Bay Bridge. Coal dust is toxic, containing heavy metals, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals. The transport and handling of large quantities of coal will pollute West Oakland neighborhoods already suffering from high levels of industrial pollution and increase the likelihood of a harmful spill into the Bay. These toxic shipments would also contribute to the global climate crisis when burned for fuel overseas.

In 2016, the City of Oakland bravely stood up to the developers by passing a coal ban, which led to a lengthy court battle. But a recent series of rulings blocked the ban and allowed the developer to move ahead with terminal construction.

We need your voice to support the people of Oakland. Our communities have a right to clean air and a healthy Bay, and no developer should be allowed to hold a community’s health hostage just to make a buck. You can support Baykeeper—and our local partners, including No Coal in Oakland, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Sierra Club, Youth vs Apocalypse, and Earthjustice—to stop this disaster in the making.

Sign our petition to urge the City of Oakland hold the line on “no coal”. Because toxic coal does not belong anywhere in the Bay Area.

"Keep Coal Out of Oakland" yard sign image with Port of Oakland in the background
Click here to get the image above as a yard sign from our friends at No Coal in Oakland. Graphic by Dani Zacky, Sierra Club.

Sign your name to oppose the Oakland coal terminal