Pollution Hotline Confidentiality Policy

Baykeeper makes every attempt to maintain the confidentiality of the identity of persons making  pollution reports. Personal information that is submitted through online reporting is stored on servers only accessible to designated Baykeeper staff.

If Baykeeper decides to pursue legal action based on your pollution report, there is a remote possibility that a court could order the disclosure of the pollution report through the course of litigation. While unlikely, it would mean that any written correspondence regarding the report could become part of a public record or that you might be asked to testify as a witness to the pollution. Please be aware that Baykeeper cannot redact your name or any information you include with an electronically submitted pollution report if we are required to disclose the information under a court order. Please also be aware that this type of disclosure and testimony are rare, and in certain applicable circumstances external Whistleblower laws would still offer protections.

We accept anonymous tips by email, phone, or mail, though we ask that you provide a way to reach you so that we may follow up if we have questions about your tip.

Thank you for helping Baykeeper protect San Francisco Bay from polluters!