Dredging Doesn’t Have to Kill Endangered Wildlife

If you’ve spent time on San Francisco Bay you’ve probably seen dredging in action in the form of large barges scooping up mud from the Bay floor. Dredgers perform an essential function: they clear channels for large ships to keep them from getting stuck in the Bay’s shallow waters.

But there’s a problem. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which performs about 70% of dredging in the Bay, uses suction dredging technology.  This highly destructive method vacuums up sediment – and everything else it encounters – from the Bay floor.


Protecting Wildlife and Public Access on Treasure Island

A private luxury marina proposed for development in Clipper Cove at Treasure Island will be drastically scaled back in a big victory for San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper, Save Clipper Cove, and other concerned organizations and residents have been advocating for several years to preserve Clipper Cove for wildlife habitat and as a public sailing and educational area.

East Bay Plastics Recycler Agrees to Stop Polluting San Leandro Creek

In Baykeeper’s 44th Bay-Safe Industry win, Containers Unlimited has agreed to stop pollution of San Francisco Bay from its Oakland recycling facility.

Baykeeper’s investigation found that the Containers Unlimited facility was releasing polluted runoff with high levels of heavy metals, chemical oxygen demand (a measure of organic matter), and total suspended solids (a measure of small particles, including industrial waste).


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