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Utah Joins Coal Shipping Lawsuit Against City of Richmond

California Globe

On Monday, the state of Utah officially joined a lawsuit started by Wolverine Fuels against the city of Richmond... Meanwhile, the city of Richmond, backed by California and environmental groups like...

Green groups have a racism problem. Waterkeepers are trying to solve it.


... “We often talk about issues that concern different waterkeepers in their watersheds, which end up being community concerns, but we haven’t really been intentional about diversifying the movement...

Sewage Spill Plagues Bay Farm Lagoon

Alameda Sun

Residents living on local waterways have experienced two wastewater spills in the last four months. An unexpected power outage last Aug. 15, led to an equipment failure at the East Bay Municipal...

Newark: Judge rejects bid to stop housing development next to wetlands

Mercury News

A controversial development plan roughly 30 years in the making to build 469 large homes on the edge of Newark’s wetlands can proceed, a judge has decided. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank...

Court denies Sunnyvale's request to dismiss Clean Water Act suit

Courthouse News

A federal court in California denied the city of Sunnyvale’s request to dismiss San Francisco Baykeeper’s Clean Water Act suit alleging the city’s sewer system unlawfully releases polluted stormwater...

State Investigates Second Outage-Caused EBMUD Sewage Spill in Months


State water quality regulators are investigating a large wastewater spill... "Two large sewage spills resulting from power outages and backup generator failures in a matter of months can no longer be...

State Investigates Second Outage-Caused EBMUD Sewage Spill in Months


State water quality regulators are investigating a large wastewater spill that sent close to 100,000 gallons of untreated sewage into an Alameda lagoon last week, prompting the East Bay's largest...

Buckler Brouhaha Boils On

Estuary News

... Although not a party to either suit, San Francisco Baykeeper has been following the cases. Staff attorney Nicole Sasaki welcomed Judge Mueller’s decision: “The violations on Point Buckler Island...

Army Ends Plan To Dredge Regional Waterways For Oil Tankers

San Francisco Chronicle

A four-year battle over a plan to dredge 13 miles of waterways to clear San Francisco Bay for larger oil tankers ended Monday, with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers announcing it was scuttling the...

Petcoke Pollution in Benicia

Benicia Independent

Active crude oil pipelines run from the refinery behind our historic Officers’ Row and Clocktower to the Valero tanker dock, (located just east of the Clocktower); petroleum coke is is transferred...

Raw sewage in creeks prompts lawsuits against Sunnyvale and Mountain View

Mercury News

A Bay Area environmental group has sued the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View, saying they are in violation of the federal Clean Water Act for discharging raw sewage and polluted storm water into...


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