We're protecting the Bay from Trump's EPA

The South Bay salt ponds

The Trump administration has reached a new low in its assault on clean water. Trump's EPA is claiming that South Bay salt ponds are land and don't need Clean Water Act protection.

This bizarre decision is dangerous for San Francisco Bay.

It's nothing but a thinly veiled giveaway to Cargill, the multinational corporation that owns the salt ponds. Cargill wants to pave over the area and build a lucrative development. 

They're trying to cash in before sea level rise puts the area partly underwater in the coming decades.

Plus, this decision could make it easier for Cargill—and any other corporation—to pave other vulnerable parts of the Bay's marshy shoreline.

To protect the Bay from sea level rise, we need more wetlands, not fewer.

These salt ponds should be restored to wetlands, to protect the Bay and nearby communities from the flooding caused by sea level rise.

The salt ponds already provide critical habitat for thousands of shorebirds and local wildlife that need a home.

That's why Baykeeper is suing the Trump administration in federal court.

In our 30-year history, Baykeeper has been a fierce champion for the Bay in court and in front of regulators many times over.

Now we're on the frontlines to fight this reckless decision by EPA, and ensure a better future for the Bay. To support our efforts, please consider making a gift to Baykeeper today.

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The South Bay salt ponds and Bay shore