Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for October 1, 2008

Seven Oil Spill Bills Signed Into Law

Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law seven bills improving oil spill prevention, preparation and response measures, including a bill sponsored by Baykeeper that will enable communities to protect local shorelines from the spread of oil. Baykeeper believes the Governor took the right first step to ensuring that we better protect the Bay from future oil spills, and we'll be working to make sure these new laws are properly implemented.

Three Oil Spill Bills Vetoed

The Governor vetoed three bills that would have shortened the response time for oil spills; improved funding for the state's oil spill program; and established grants for improving oil spill cleanup technology -- all vital reforms for protecting the Bay from future oil spills. We are disappointed that the Governor chose to not to make these bills into law. Our waterways are too important not to do everything we can to protect them, and Baykeeper is going to continue to press for local and state reforms that will better prepare us for the next emergency in the Bay.

Baykeeper to Speak on Needed Oil Spill Reforms

Baykeeper is sponsoring a forum on oil spills in the Bay at the Commonwealth Club on Friday, November 7, 2008, in a lunchtime presentation. We'll address what these new laws mean for the future of oil spills in the Bay and what laws still need to change to make sure we're prepared for the next oil spill. Tickets will be free to Baykeeper supporters, so save the date and check back for updates at

Sewage Bill Vetoed

The California Clean Water Act, a bill sponsored by Baykeeper to hold sewage agencies accountable, was vetoed by the Governor yesterday. We are disappointed that the Governor chose not to protect our communities from sewage pollution. Our bill would have helped identify failing sewer systems that are polluting our neighborhoods and waterways and motivate needed upgrades. Baykeeper's work to prevent sewage pollution to the Bay is even more important now -- it's critical that we continue to watchdog the agencies that are dumping raw sewage and toxic chemicals into our homes, creeks and the Bay. 

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