Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for November 2, 2009

Update on the Dubai Star Oil Spill

At least six miles of East Bay shoreline have been impacted by oil from the Dubai Star fueling accident that released bunker fuel into the Bay early Friday morning. The oil spill has contaminated shorelines on Bay Farm Island and Alameda Island, including Robert Crowne Memorial Beach.

So far, there are reports of more than 60 oiled birds, and the impacted species include semipalmated plover, Western grebe, Eared grebe, scaup and American coot. Delicate and rare eelgrass beds in the area probably have been contaminated. Eelgrass is the sole spawning habitat for Pacific herring and is the sole food source for the Black brandt.

Click below to see Baykeeper's map of state-designated sensitive sites that have been impacted by the Dubai Star oil spill.

oil spill map

We are grateful to the volunteer kayakers who are keeping us informed about oiled shoreline and wildlife. If you see oil, please report it to Please stay off of closed beaches to allow oiled birds the space to come ashore and be safely rescued. If you see oiled wildlife, please keep your distance, and report them to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 1-877-UCD-OWCN.

In the coming weeks, Baykeeper will examine the response efforts to determine how effectively response measures have been improved since the Cosco Busan oil spill of 2007. Since the Cosco Busan oil spill, Baykeeper has been the only non-governmental agency participating in planning meetings, exercises and drills in order to improve oil spill response for San Francisco Bay. Please support our efforts to protect the Bay from oil spills by making a donation today.


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Update on Oil Spill in the Bay