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Monthly Update for January 2014
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Baykeeper Marks 25 Years of Protecting the Bay from Pollution

Baykeeper is marking our 25th anniversary this year! With the support of our members, we've protected San Francisco Bay from pollution for a quarter century.

During this anniversary year, we will be sharing highlights of Baykeeper's proud history of successful action for a cleaner and healthier San Francisco Bay. (Photo credit: Bart Quigley)

Plus, we invite you to take part. Look for more details soon on our 25th Anniversary Party—we hope to see you there! And we would love for you to tell us about how you've experienced San Francisco Bay over the years. See below for details.

Tell Us About You and San Francisco Bay

Have you had an important, memorable, or moving experience with San Francisco Bay in the past 25 years? Baykeeper invites you to share it with us!

Tell us about you and the Bay. Have you watched the Bay change colors from your window? Encountered a friendly seal on a kayak ride across Raccoon Strait? Do you remember your first plunge into chilly waters at Aquatic Park? Or the salty air on a ferry commute? Have you splashed with your kids at an East Bay beach, or admired avocets in a South Bay slough? Wobbled through your first stand-up paddleboard in Richardson Bay or sailed on a day that felt like paradise? Whether your experience happened many years ago, took place just yesterday, or happens every day, we want to know how the Bay has played a role in your life. (Photo credit: Left, Hudson Henry; top right, Susanne Friedrich, bottom right, Tracy Corbin.)

Brief anecdotes are fine, and longer stories are, too. We'll collect your stories and share them as part of our 25th anniversary year celebration. Send your San Francisco Bay story by email at or mail to 785 Market St., Suite 850, San Francisco 94103.

Thank You for Your Generous Year-End Giving

Thank you to everyone who made year-end gifts to support Baykeeper's work to protect San Francisco Bay in the year to come. We rely on the support of committed donors like you to carry out our mission.

Your support helps us press forward with our successful Bay-Safe Industry campaign to rein in toxic industrial runoff contamination of the Bay. We're also continuing our steady drive toward a Bay free of sewage pollution, advocating for maximum protection for the Bay from oil spills, and staying on alert to confront new pollution threats as they arise. (Photo credit: Nerissa Villas, Flickr)

And if you haven't yet had a chance to send a gift, we still need your support for our work in 2014! Help protect San Francisco Bay from pollution by making a gift to Baykeeper today. Your gift helps make the Bay safe for all wildlife and healthy for everyone who turns to the Bay for adventure, beauty, and inspiration.

25 Years of Protecting the Bay!