Bay Crossings Article

Crossword Puzzle Challenge

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the September 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

The San Francisco Bay is remarkably complex. As we take in the scenery along the Bay Trail, ride the ferry to work, and even when we wade into the water for a swim, it’s hard to comprehend the numerous processes at work to sustain the Bay ecosystem. The Bay’s biological communities depend on freshwater inflow from the Delta, continual tidal flushing, a seasonal coastal upwelling, regular cycles of sediment and nutrients, and stable water chemistry. These factors come together in a way that makes the San Francisco Bay unique among aquatic systems and allows for a great diversity of organisms to thrive.

The delicate balance of the Bay’s systems also makes it vulnerable to pollution from industry, agriculture, and urban activities. When any component the ecosystem is disturbed, it can upset the balanced environment that plants and animals need to survive. Unfortunately, the Bay is under constant threat of pollution, even from sources far beyond the shoreline. Every action in the watershed has the potential to impact the Bay. San Francisco Baykeeper aims to reduce pollution throughout the watershed, knowing that even seemingly distant threats can be harmful.

Last year the Baykeeper Crossword Challenge tested your knowledge of the mysteries inside the Bay. This year we are expanding the Crossword Challenge into the watershed to find out how much you know about the dynamics of the Bay, the human activities that harm it, and strategies to protect it.

The first three people to send us a completed and correct puzzle by September 30 will win a prize!

Download the puzzle in pdf format here.

Submit your completed puzzle to:
Baykeeper Crossword Challenge
785 Market Street, Suite 850
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 415-856-0444

Good luck!