Opposition to Bay Area gas well reflects mounting concerns about climate change

San Francisco Chronicle

A Brentwood company’s proposal to drill a natural gas well in Suisun Marsh has become the latest flash point in California’s quest to fight climate change and transition away from fossil fuels.

Sunset Exploration wants to search for a commercially viable amount of gas at the site of an abandoned well in the wetlands south of Suisun City. If the company finds enough fuel, the Solano County project could be operational for 20 years, connecting to a pipeline that would help heat homes and light stoves around the region.

It’s the kind of proposal that, in a prior era, might have encountered little organized resistance. The area around Suisun and Grizzly bays is home to dozens of other wells, most plugged now, state data shows. County officials have already permitted drilling at the location where Sunset Exploration has set its sights.