Chevron estimates up to 750 gallons of mixture spilled into the Bay

KTVU Fox News

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday that the impact from Tuesday's petroleum product leak at the Chevron refinery long wharf in Richmond appears to be centered near the city's Keller Beach, but no oiled wildlife or public health impacts have been found.. "It seems like the initial response did not contain all of the oil and so, the oil was allowed to spread," said environmentalist Sejal Choksi-Chugh, San Francisco Baykeeper's executive director.

Cole Burchiel, a field investigator with SF Baykeeper said he was at Point Richmond Tuesday afternoon soon after the oil spill was detected. He documented the spill with drone video footage of the impacted areas. 

"The amount of sheen that we were seeing on the water covered the entirety of Keller Beach and most of the cove. There was a substantial amount of oil. It was pretty astounding," Burchiel said.