What Makes You Thankful for the Bay?
Photo: Daniel Parks

What Makes You Thankful for the Bay?

For residents of the Bay Area, San Francisco Bay is a touchstone for inspiration, beauty, history, and connectedness. 

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We’re collecting Bay appreciation letters, anecdotes, and reflections from our readers on what they love about San Francisco Bay. Later this month, we’ll share these notes of gratitude. Use the form below to submit your thoughts on why the Bay is special to you.

What Makes Me Most Thankful for San Francisco Bay Is That ...

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What People Are Saying
San Francisco Bay connects all parts of this vast series of cities that we all call home. All of these millions of people have one thing in common, the beautiful Bay. It shelters us from heat with its cooling breezes and fog, it shelters us from cold with its temperate waters, and it brings us all that sense of wonder and power that only the ocean can provide. - Ben E. , October 27, 2021
What Makes Me Most Thankful for San Francisco Bay Is That familiar scent of the Bay in the air on a still, warm day. What Makes Me Most Thankful for San Francisco Bay Is That ability to be in the middle of it, swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge, or Alcatraz to San Francisco, or under the Bay Bridge and stopping to see the beauty of the Bat Area from a different vantage point. Thanks for all the work you do, BayKeeper! - JP , October 28, 2021
Breathless pause before the exhilarating plunge of a Brown Pelican into the Bay. Will it emerge, beak pouched, full of fish? - Kirsten A. , November 4, 2021
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