Donate Your Car or Boat

Donating your new or used car or boat to Baykeeper will be a contribution to protecting the San Francisco Bay while also providing a tax benefit to you. Proceeds from the sale of a donated vehicle are fully tax deductible for itemizing taxpayers.

Baykeeper_boatBaykeeper uses CARS Vehicle Donation Program, to accept vehicle and boat donations.To donate a vehicle or boat to Baykeeper, please go to: Baykeeper Vehicle and Boat Donation or call (855) 550-4483.

Baykeeper is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Tax deductibility information from the donation of a car or boat is provided by Vehicle Donation Processing Center.

For more information about Baykeeper and ways to support our work, please contact Eliet Henderson, Development Director, at (510) 735-9700 ext. 101 or


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