Enewsletter for January 2024

  • Take Action: Stop the Delta Tunnel
  • Protecting the Imperiled Longfin Smelt
  • Investigating Sea Level Rise Risks
  • New Battle Against Coal in Oakland
  • Following the Science
  • Thank You for Defending San Francisco Bay

Take Action to Stop the Delta Tunnel

The Bay-Delta estuary, and its wildlife and residents, depend on fresh water flowing from Central Valley rivers into the Bay. But Governor Newsom’s proposed Delta tunnel would divert vast quantities of water to industrial agriculture and to cities outside of San Francisco Bay’s watershed.

That’s why we’re taking legal action with a powerful coalition of Tribal, community, fishing, and environmental justice allies.

And you can help! Urge the Water Board to stop the Delta tunnel.

Longfin smelt

Protecting the Imperiled Longfin Smelt

We recently took legal action to protect an imperiled Bay fish, the longfin smelt (pictured, above). The US Fish & Wildlife Service, which is responsible for listings under the Endangered Species Act, is dragging its feet and failing to protect this native species.

“Longfin smelt need the full protection of the Endangered Species Act to survive and we can’t let a recalcitrant agency drive this fish population unique to San Francisco Bay into extinction,” Baykeeper attorney Ben Eichenberg said in a statement.

Illustration by Fiorella Ikeue in collaboration with Baykeeper

Flooding in Marin during the 2024 King Tides

Investigating Sea Level Rise Risks  

Earlier this month, the highest high tides of the year, known as the King Tides, spread across the Bay Area. Our field team used the opportunity to monitor areas vulnerable to sea level rise in Marin, Newark, Benicia, and elsewhere around the Bay.

By documenting the effects of these annual high tides, we hope to better understand which areas will be most hard hit by sea level rise in the years to come.

Photo: King Tides flooding in Marin captured during a Baykeeper patrol

A New Battle Against Coal in Oakland

A new court ruling allows a coal terminal in Oakland to move forward—putting communities and the Bay at risk. So the city of Oakland has appealed the decision.

“The coal industry can expect a long, uphill battle,” Baykeeper attorney Ben Eichenberg said in a coalition statement, “For over a decade, frontline communities have demonstrated their resolve to keep this poisonous project out of West Oakland… opposing it every step of the way.”

Aerial of the Delta

Following the Science

San Francisco Bay is in crisis, but California has a potentially powerful tool for protecting it: the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan. The State Water Board is responsible for updating the outdated plan, but unfortunately, the agency is failing to preserve the freshwater flows that would restore the Bay’s ecosystem.

We recently submitted detailed legal and scientific comments to the Water Board, urging the agency to follow the science and increase flows to San Francisco Bay and to protect coldwater habitat upstream.

Photo: the Delta from above by Daniel Parks, Flickr/CC

Thank You for Defending San Francisco Bay

Thanks to everyone who’s made a gift to protect San Francisco Bay in 2024! You’re keeping us on patrol and in the courtroom, standing up for the Bay.

Plus, 2024 marks Baykeeper’s 35th year defending the Bay. We’ll be bringing you stories of how you and the entire community of Baykeeper supporters have made a big difference for the Bay and its wildlife and communities over the years. Thank you!

You can defend the Bay in 2024: Make a gift here.

Photo: David Yu, Flickr/CC