Enewsletter for November 2023

"Keep Coal Out of Oakland" yard sign image with Port of Oakland in the background
  • Just Say “NO” to Coal in Oakland
  • Getting Ready for the Big Storms
  • Cutting-Edge Algal Bloom Research in the Bay
  • Greenlighting DePave Park
  • Take Action: Help the Bay by Minding Your Fats!
  • Support Baykeeper with Green Banking at Atmos

Just Say “NO” to Coal in Oakland

For years, Baykeeper and local partners have blocked developers from building a terminal to ship 11 million tons of coal out of Oakland every year. The site would pollute local neighborhoods and the Bay.

Unfortunately, earlier this month the developers won a contractual dispute against the City of Oakland, which means this dirty project might move forward.

Click here to urge the city to stay strong and just say “no” to coal in Oakland!

Click here to get the image above as a yard sign from our friends at No Coal in Oakland. Graphic by Dani Zacky, Sierra Club

Getting Ready for the Big Storms

Every year, the rainy season triggers a flush of pollution into the Bay as rainwater washes over industrial facilities and into streets and storm drains. 

For Baykeeper’s field team, rain also brings an opportunity to catch polluters in the act. 

In the coming days, our investigators will be out sampling stormwater runoff at several suspected pollution sites around the Bay. If we detect illegal pollution, our legal team will kick into gear to hold the polluter accountable. 

Cutting-Edge Algal Bloom Research in the Bay

In response to the Bay’s deadly algae outbreak last summer, NOAA just approved a new regionwide effort to research harmful algae blooms in the Bay. And Baykeeper’s field team will be leading the community science monitoring program!

The Bay suffered two consecutive years of harmful algae blooms. This project will help scientists understand the origins of—and solutions to—this alarming trend.

Many thanks to the San Francisco Estuary Institute, U.S. Geological Survey, and other collaborators for creating this important new partnership project!

Pictured, above: Baykeeper’s drone footage of this summer’s algae bloom, visible along the shoreline. Thanks for supporting our field investigations!

Aerial image showing location of DePave park along the Alameda shoreline

Greenlighting DePave Park

Alameda is a low-lying island, so sea level rise poses a major threat.

But wetlands could help buffer those rising waters.

That’s why Baykeeper supports plans to convert a paved-over area on the former naval base into wetlands and a park—DePave Park. Last week, our staff spoke before the city council to urge the city to remove a building on the site to make way for more park and wildlife habitat.

And the city agreed! Thank you, Alameda!

Pictured, above: The site for the proposed DePave Park. The park will help mitigate sea level rise and provide habitat and recreational access.  

Take Action: Help the Bay by Minding Your Fats!

Did you know that your kitchen cleanup can affect the Bay? 

When fats go down the drain, they harden in the pipes connected to sewage treatment systems. Fat-clogged pipes are prone to burst, especially during the rainy season, releasing sewage onto streets and into the Bay. 

So while you’re cleaning up after a yummy Thanksgiving meal, please make sure to keep your used cooking oil, leftover gravy, and pan grease out of the sink!

Graphic of fats, oil, and grease in a clogged drain

Pictured, above: Fats harden in pipes, causing spills and ruptures. You can help prevent this source of Bay pollution by keeping fats, oils, and grease out of the sink.

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