Schnitzer on fire along the Bay
  • Tell Sunnyvale & Mountain View to Do the Right Thing
  • Schnitzer’s Toxic Mess Around the Bay
  • Newsom’s “Salmon Strategy” Won’t Help the Bay’s Salmon Runs
  • A Major Win for Brentwood and the Bay 
  • Join Us for the State of the Bay on 3/13
  • Eat Oysters, Give Back to the Bay

Take Action: Do the Right Thing, Sunnyvale and Mountain View!

Between 2017 and 2019, we found that the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View were polluting the Bay with runoff contaminated with E. coli bacteria at 50 times the limit. So, we took legal action.

But now the cities are trying to dodge accountability and misapply a recent Supreme Court ruling that narrowed the Clean Water Act. It’s unacceptable.

Act today: Tell the cities to follow the law and protect our local creeks and the Bay.

Kite surfer in Sunnyvale

Photo: Kite surfer in Sunnyvale by Meggle, Flickr/CC

Schnitzer’s Toxic Mess Around the Bay

For decades, Schnitzer Steel’s auto-shredding operation in Oakland has released chemicals and heavy metals into the Bay and nearby neighborhoods.

Now we’ve uncovered high levels of pollution coming from the company’s satellite Pick-N-Pull location s in Fairfield, Richmond, Oakland, and Newark. The sites are releasing pollution into the Suisun wetlands, San Pablo Bay, Arrowhead Marsh, and the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge.

So, this week we filed a lawsuit to get Schnitzer to clean up the mess they’ve made in Bay Area communities. The company has been cooperative so far to resolve its pollution problem.

Pictured, at top: Fires routinely break out at Schnitzer’s Oakland facility, likely ignited by chemicals on the site.

Three juvenile Chinook salmon

Newsom’s “Salmon Strategy” Won’t Help the Bay’s Salmon Runs

Governor Newsom recently announced a plan to support California’s suffering salmon fishery—but rather than propose any bold new actions, the plan simply repackages existing projects and hard-won victories by Native American Tribes, fishing organizations, and environmental groups.

Even worse, Newsom’s package does nothing to reverse the steep declines in salmon populations in the Bay’s watershed. Instead, for the last few years, the Newsom administration has slashed existing environmental protections for our Chinook salmon runs and blocked long-overdue protections.

Illustration of juvenile Chinook salmon by Fiorella Ikeue in collaboration with San Francisco Baykeeper 

Oil drilling derricks at sunset

A Major Win for Brentwood and the Bay

In 2020, we got word of a terrible new proposal to drill oil in Brentwood in close proximity to homes, an elementary school, and local creeks that flow into the Bay.      

So, we joined our community and environmental partners No Drilling in Brentwood, the Sierra Club, Sunflower Alliance, the Center for Biological Diversity, and others to push back.

And the effort worked! Last week, the Brentwood City Council unanimously voted to ban oil and gas drilling entirely.

Photo: John Ciccarelli, BLM

Join Us for the State of the Bay on 3/13

Want to learn about the latest threats to the health and long-term resilience of San Francisco Bay—and what we’re doing about it?

Join us online at 5:30pm on Wednesday, March 13, to hear from our Executive Director about the current state of the Bay. You’ll also learn how our scientists, field investigators, and lawyers are defending the Bay from harmful algal outbreaks, fossil fuel pollution, and much more.

Register today! Participation is free, advance registration is required [Registration is now closed].

Olympia oysters on ice

Eat Oysters, Give Back to the Bay

We’re happy to announce that San Francisco’s Waterbar restaurant is supporting a healthy Bay with their Oyster Give Back Campaign. Waterbar will donate to Baykeeper for every oyster they shuck through the end of March.

If you love oysters and you love the Bay, stop by to support our work and enjoy a great meal with beautiful views of the water.

Photo: Waterbar