Enewsletter for December 2023

Cyclist at Stevens Creek by Steve Jurvetson
  • Court Rules to Keep Local Streams Protected
  • Protecting the Bay’s White Sturgeon
  • Walling Off the Bay?
  • The Delta Tunnel Rears Its Ugly Head—Again
  • A Holiday Tradition for the Birds
  • Take Action: Defend the Bay from Threats in 2024
Cyclist at Stevens Creek by Steve Jurvetson

Court Rules to Keep Local Streams Protected

Earlier this week, the US District Court for the Northern District of California denied an effort by two Bay Area cities to dodge a Baykeeper lawsuit holding them accountable for polluting the Bay.  

Mountain View and Sunnyvale tried to misuse the Supreme Court’s harmful decision in Sackett vs EPA to get out of their Clean Water Act responsibilities. But the District Court agreed with us that South Bay creeks and streams are protected under the Clean Water Act. 

Pictured: Our case to protect South Bay tributaries like Stevens Creek, above, will move forward thanks to a District Court decision—and supporters like you! Photo by Steve Jurvetson. 

White sturgeon illustration

Protecting the Bay’s White Sturgeon

Last month, Baykeeper led a group of sportfishing and environmental partners to urge state and federal agencies to list San Franciso Bay’s white sturgeon as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

White sturgeon have existed for 46 million years. But their population in San Francisco Bay has plummeted recently due to excessive freshwater diversions, harmful algae outbreaks, and overfishing.

Immediate action is needed to protect this fish from extinction.

Illustration by Fiorella Ikeue in collaboration with Baykeeper

Walling Off the Bay?

To prepare for sea level rise, some cities around the Bay are considering multi-benefit, nature-based solutions for their shorelines. Unfortunately, San Mateo County has different ideas. They’ve put forward a proposal to build a wall in the Bay. If constructed, the wall would exacerbate sea level rise, flooding, and water quality issues throughout the Bay. 

One county shouldn’t armor itself at the expense of its neighbors and the Bay ecosystem. We need a regionwide approach.

Pictured, above: A map of the first leg of San Mateo county’s planned sea wall (in purple) in the Bay, which Baykeeper and local community groups are opposing.

Delta water view at sunset

The Delta Tunnel Rears Its Ugly Head—Again

Last week, the state advanced the multi-billion-dollar Delta tunnel project, ignoring warnings of the irreversible damage it would wreak on the Delta and San Francisco Bay.  

As our science director Jon Rosenfield said, “California can protect San Francisco Bay and its watershed, while still providing enough water for agriculture and cities to thrive. Instead, Newsom is continuing his campaign to divert yet more water, needlessly sacrificing native fish, valuable fisheries, water quality, and the communities that depend on them.”

Photo: John Chacon, DWR

A Holiday Tradition for the Birds

The 124th annual Christmas Bird Count is coming up, and we will once again be hosting Marin Audubon and the Golden Gate Bird Alliance on the Baykeeper boat to participate in this holiday tradition. We’re hoping to catch glimpses of the Bay’s many wonderful birds, like the terns pictured above. 

But you don’t need to be on the Baykeeper boat to participate! Anyone can join. Click here to learn more.

Photo: Robb Most

Take Action: Defend the Bay from Threats in 2024

Thanks to our dedicated supporters who made a gift to defend San Francisco Bay on Giving Tuesday. You’re keeping the Baykeeper team on the water and in the courtroom, taking on big threats to the Bay in 2024.

If you haven’t made your gift to protect San Francisco Bay, donate by December 31 to make a 2023 tax-deductible gift.

Baykeeper is a top-rated Charity Navigator nonprofit, so you can be assured your gift will effectively protect San Francisco Bay.

The Baykeeper boat with Alcatraz in the background